The following invocation was delivered at the Independent Institute’s 30th Anniversary: A Gala for the Future of Liberty, September 22nd, in San Francisco:

O God we thank you have called us to freedom
in a generous and gracious
vision of communion.

We thank you for bringing us to
this demanding and unnerving moment
in the human adventure, and

We thank you for the people we honor this evening,
for their vision, persistence, and courage
as we take up the task of nurturing
the deepening of a free community for our time.

We thank you that this institute
shows us that the road to freedom
is hazardous yet hopeful,
grounded in a generosity of spirit,
and sound principle.

Help us to resist the infantilizing of politics,
the abuse of public discourse,
and the use of little truths in the service of a great lie.

Help us to resist with strength and grace
those who would exploit anger and resentment,
rather than mobilize healing and celebration,
in the building of a free society.

And, so, we thank you that
Our Liberty Bell is cracked,
reminding us that the defense of freedom
is never over and that
We all stand under judgment.
We all have our own peculiar
ignorances and blindnesses
—all are in the need of forgiveness.

And finally
you show us that the world is a wedding,
to be human is to be betrothed—
betrothed to each other in covenant.
“for better for worse”—
called to embrace the truth
of the free communion at the heart of things,
even as we pray for those who have lost homes and even
lives in the fierce hurricanes and earthquakes
our country and our world.

Above all, help us to see that to be free is
to be answerable to You,
whose service is perfect freedom.

May it be so!