This archive provides real-time commentary on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) by Independent Institute Fellows and Staff, in furtherance of our goal to see the TSA abolished and security for their traveler customers vested with the accountable private sector.

Failed TSA Confirms No Bureaucracy Left Behind
By K. Lloyd Billingsley 6/29/16

Sick of Airport Delays? Disband the TSA
By Abigail R. Hall Blanco 5/30/16

The Only Solution to TSA’s Problems: Get Rid of It
By Benjamin W. Powell 5/9/16

TSA Endures Despite Failure
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 4/25/16

Government’s Demonstrated Security Incompetence Warrants Abolishing Its Powers
By Mary Theroux 6/11/15

The TSA: A Brief Tale
By Abigail Hall 12/30/14

Streamlining Airport Security
By Abigail R. Hall 9/23/14

TSA Vet Admits Scanners Are a Joke. And So Are You (to the TSA)
By Mary Theroux 2/17/14

TSA Imposes Double Jeopardy
By K. Lloyd Billingsley 8/23/13

By K. Lloyd Billingsley 8/9/13

TSA: Ask the Fed for Relief...From the Fed?
By Ivan Eland 8/8/13

TSA, the $1,022.95 Pocketknife, and Why Your Flight is Delayed
By Mary Theroux 4/24/13

11 Years Later, We May Have Lost Our Freedoms, But At Least TSA is Keeping Us Safe...Oops—FAIL!
By Mary Theroux 9/11/12

TSA: Keeping America Safe...from Ron Paul?
By Mary Theroux 8/30/12

Poll Aside, TSA is Not OK
Lloyd Billingsley 8/28/12

White House Yanks Anti-TSA Petition from Website
By Mary Theroux 8/11/12

TSA and Barn Doors
By Mary Theroux 8/7/12

What Does It Say That I Could Post a TSA Outrage Every Day?
By Mary Theroux 6/26/12

Sunday Reflection: ‘Dear TSA: I am not your customer’
By Art Carden 6/22/12

TSA the Employer of Last Resort for Sex Offenders?
By Mary Theroux 5/29/12

TSA’s Total Stupidity Agency Enters the Life-threatening Realm
By Mary Theroux 5/8/12

I Pocket Knife: A Tale of Petty Tyranny and the TSA
By Sam Staley 5/4/12

TSA in the Land of Oz
By Mary Theroux 4/25/12

The Corruptible TSA: Part II
By Randall Holcombe 4/25/12

Real Airline Security
By Anthony Gregory 3/28/12

Trampling & Soaking Americans
By Anthony Gregory 3/14/12

U.S. Senator Detained by Transportation Security Administration
By Randall Holcombe 1/23/12

The Corruptible TSA
By Randall Holcombe 9/15/11

Do TSA Scanners Cause Cancer?
By Mary Theroux 7/11/11

Out of the Mouths of Bureaucrats
By Mary Theroux 7/11/11

Cluelessness Continues at the TSA
By Mary Theroux 6/27/11

Rand Paul to TSA Head: “I Feel Less Safe”
By Mary Theroux 6/25/11

Heaven Help Us All: TSA Union Vote Ends Today
By Mary Theroux 6/20/11

The TSA: A (Minor?) Complaint
By Randall Holcombe 6/20/11

Backlash Builds Against TSA
By Mary Theroux 5/28/11

Bin Laden’s Revenge
By Randall Holcombe 5/3/11

The U.S. Surveillance State: Big Brother on Steroids
By Mary Theroux 3/7/11

TSA Thugs
By Mary Theroux 2/14/11

Do We Need a Department of Homeland Security or a TSA?
By Art Carden 1/21/11

Government Has Botched Airline Security, So Why Not Let the Airlines Do the Job?
By William F. Shughart II, Michael T. Belongia 12/14/10

TSA: What Would Rosa Parks Do?
By Mary Theroux 12/1/10

Why I Opted Out
By Art Carden 11/24/10

Economics Versus the TSA
By Art Carden 11/23/10

Travelers (Especially Men and Children), Beware: Urgent Warning from Scientists on TSA Machines’ Radiation
By Mary Theroux 11/23/10

What Is At Stake on Opt-Out Day?
By Art Carden 11/21/10

Ivan Eland on TSA Screening Procedures

Preemptive War/Preemptive Body Scans
By Mary Theroux 11/20/10

New TSA Checkpoint Sign
By Mary Theroux 11/18/10

Ditch TSA? There’s a Congressman’s Proposal I Can Support!
By Randall Holcombe 11/18/10

TSA: Theater Security Administration
By Charles V. Peña 11/5/10

Michael Roberts: Heroic Pilot Stands Up for His Constitutional Rights
By Randall Holcombe 10/22/10

Abolish the TSA
By Anthony Gregory 8/19/10

The TSA’s Double-Secret Probation List
By Peter Klein 5/26/10

Terror on Board
By Charles V. Peña 12/31/09

Learning the Wrong Lessons From the Attempted Bombing
By Ivan Eland 12/30/09

Government Terrorism Lists Are a Holiday Turkey
By Ivan Eland 11/25/09

Are 400,000 Terrorists, 44 Terrorist Groups, and Five State Sponsors of Terror Trying to Attack the United States?
By Ivan Eland 7/21/08

The Very Definition of Uncivilized
By Anthony Gregory 5/30/08

My Questions, Comments, and Concerns for the TSA
By Robert Higgs 5/13/08

Time to Depoliticize Airline Security
By Anthony Gregory 8/30/06

Chatting Up the TSA
By Ivan Eland 12/30/05

Traveling Sheep
By Robert Higgs 12/14/05

TSA Treats for Holiday Travelers
By Ivan Eland 12/5/05

The Pretense of Airport Security
By Robert Higgs 10/23/03

Federalization vs. Airport Security: “Fanatic” Answers Krugman