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CA Prop. 23 Plays Politics with Patients’ Lives
COVID, Woke Science—and Death
In this brave new world of ours, will we be pruning back the elderly altogether by credentialed “ethicists,” whether because of their longevity or race?
Like Free Speech? Don’t Send Your Kid to DePauw, Texas or LSU
Nicaragua’s Crimes Against Humanity
That Day My Father Won the Nobel Prize
Will America Remain a Democracy or Become a Monarchy?
Corporations Must Do Their Part to Preserve Democracy
China does whatever it can to thrive economically, putting freedom and prosperity at risk for the rest of the world.
Death of a Propositional Nation
Fanaticism in the name of Lincoln’s founding principle of equality now rules the streets
Proposition 24 Would Weaken Consumer Data Privacy
How Gov. Newsom’s Veto of Ethnic Studies Requirement Happened

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