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“Can a New ‘Anti-Woke’ University Make It Financially?”
Garbage in, Garbage out in Glasgow, Scotland
Gavin Newsom Plays Hide and Seek
Why did the California Democrat, a climate-change fundamentalist, skip the Glasgow conference and suddenly go missing?
The Specter of Chinese Civilization
On Chinese and Western models of governance.
That’s Not Real Socialism!
Reality Dysphoria
The “Dictatorship of the Subjunctive Mood” (DSM) is no basis for a system of government.
Trickle-Down Bidenism
This Biden socialist cadre who engineered these self-induced calamities has no clue about the damage they have done to America.
Biden’s Borderline Madness
Cancelling the United States of America for fun and profit.
Joe Biden’s Domestic Terrorism Backstory
How Vice President Biden explained November 5, 2009.
When Is a Constitutional Right Not a Right?
When you need official approval to exercise it. That’s what New York’s pistol-permit law does.

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