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California Woke Zealots Try to Cancel Math Class
The proposed curriculum framework aims low, abandons the gifted, and preaches “social justice.”
Dr. Fauci Spills Another ‘Verifiable Falsehood’
War of Words Over Inflation Stirs Questions for the Fed
Let’s Make A Deal: The Bourgeois Deal Among Many Others
“After the Revolution, You Will Like Going Camping!” G.A. Cohen’s Camping Trip Reconsidered
How Did the Cancel Culture Become Dominant So Quickly?
The Cost of California’s Public-Employee Unions
Copyright Bots Powered by a 1998 Law Threaten the Public’s Right to Know
Follow the “Science,” They Said
As a general rule, the next time an official, a politician, or an expert lectures us on the “science,” make sure that he is not projecting his own unscientific biases onto others.
Cancel Public School

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