Issue: Public Choice

The Power of Independent Thinking


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Editor’s Introduction
The Basic-Income Debate
A Philosophical Economist’s Case against a Government-Guaranteed Basic Income
One and One-Half Cheers for a Basic-Income Guarantee
We Could Do Worse, and Already Have
Property Rights, Coercion, and the Welfare State
The Libertarian Case for a Basic Income for All
Skeptical Thoughts on a Taxpayer-Funded Basic Income Guarantee
Making the Case against “Price Gouging” Laws
A Challenge and an Opportunity
Public Choice’s Homeric Hero
Gordon Tullock (1922–2014)
“Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy Are but One System”
Mises on International Organizations and the World Trade Organization
What Caused Airline Deregulation
Economists or Economics?
Incumbent Vertical Market Power, Experimentation, and Institutional Design in the Deregulating Electricity Industry

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