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Our Spanish Civil War?
Deep and brutal strife in 1930s Spain was a prelude to the barbarity of World War II. Now with the war in Ukraine, we’re reminded that the veneer of civilization is very thin.
The Fall of Canada, the Danger in the U.S.
Three Cheers for Emmanuel Macron
Latin American Unity Remains a Pipe Dream
A New Heyday for Left-Wing Fascism in Latin America
Will Biden’s leftist administration do anything about it? Of course not.
California Woke Zealots Try to Cancel Math Class
The proposed curriculum framework aims low, abandons the gifted, and preaches “social justice.”
C.S. Lewis and Kurt Vonnegut on “Egalitarian” Tyranny
Peru’s Crisis Shows the Deep Disconnect between Politicians and the People
Common Core and the Decline of History Education
What We Really Need Is a 490 B.C. Project

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