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Unemployment Then and Now
One Currency Doesn’t Require ‘One Europe’
The euro has gained stature as an alternative to the U.S. dollar. Preserving it will require letting profligate state like Greece pay their own way.
The United States: Debtor and Leader?
Why Lech Walesa is right to worry about declining American influence.
The Fed’s Woody Allen Policy
The Message of Dollar Disdain
With U.S. debt set to exceed 100% of GDP in 2011, it’s no wonder people are looking for alternative ways to preserve wealth.
Congress and the IMF’s Power Grab
The IMF’s Gold Gambit
The fund’s misuse of bullion reserves is crucial to its plan to use the financial crisis to expand its power.
Stable Money Is the Key to Recovery
How the G-20 can rebuild the ‘capitalism of the future.’
A Capitalist Manifesto
Markets remain our best hope for a better future.
The Weak-Dollar Threat to World Order

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