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Alvaro Vargas Llosa » Commentary Articles

Peru’s Dim Future from Shining Path
September 22, 2021

Brace Yourself—Inflation’s Coming Back Stronger than Ever
August 21, 2021

A New Heyday for Left-Wing Fascism in Latin America
July 16, 2021

Nicaragua’s Message to the World: Thugs Never Let Go
June 28, 2021

Venezuela Takes Aim at Colombia and Peru
May 22, 2021

The ‘Plantados,’ Cuba’s Immovable Heroes
May 3, 2021

Carbon War Pits Politics Against Reality
March 26, 2021

Europe’s Vaccine Fiasco: A Lesson for Americans
February 19, 2021

The U.K.–EU Trade Agreement Isn’t the Brexit Resolution Both Sides Want It To Be
January 27, 2021

No Vaccine Yet for Cuba’s Political Pandemic
December 28, 2020

Peru’s Crisis Shows the Deep Disconnect between Politicians and the People
November 18, 2020

Nicaragua’s Crimes Against Humanity
October 19, 2020

That Day My Father Won the Nobel Prize
October 17, 2020

Ending the Sectarian Stranglehold on Nada’s Lebanon
September 11, 2020

Turkey in the Era of ‘Sultan Erdogan’
August 3, 2020

America’s War Zone: Guilt and Stupidity Fuel Extreme Grievances and Violence
June 25, 2020

Time to Listen to the Coronavirus Dissidents
April 30, 2020

Mexico’s ‘Tropical Messiah’ Browbeats Critics and Bullies the Press
January 24, 2020

The Bolivian ‘Coup’ that Wasn’t
November 18, 2019

Understanding Macri’s Failure
September 1, 2019

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