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Bruce Gilley

Bruce Gilley is a Professor of Political Science in the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government at Portland State University and the Principal at Policy Foresight Associates LLC. He received his Ph.D. in politics from Princeton University, and his research centers on comparative and international politics and public policy, including such diverse subjects as democracy, climate change, and politics.

He is the author of the books, The German Colonial Achievement and Its Aftermath, The Last Imperialist: Sir Alan Burns' Epic Defense of the British Empire, Model Rebels: The Rise and Fall of China’s Richest Village, Tiger on the Brink: Jiang Zemin and China’s New Elite, The Nature of Asian Politics, China’s New Rulers: The Secret Files (with Andrew Nathan), The Right to Rule: How States Win and Lose Legitimacy, and China’s Democratic Future.

His scholarly articles have appeared in many volumes as well as in such journals as Comparative Political Studies and the European Journal of Political Research, and his policy articles in Foreign Affairs, Academic Questions, First Things, Current History, Orbis, Journal of Democracy, Far Eastern Economic Review and the Washington Quarterly. He is also the recipient of College of Urban and Public Affairs Dean's Award for Scholarly Achievement, Frank Cass Prize for Best Article in Democratization, Marcel Cadieux Award for Best Article on Foreign Policy (Canadian Institute of International Affairs), East Asian Studies Prize (Princeton University), and the Commonwealth Scholarship (University of Oxford).

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