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Marketing, Outreach, and Sales: Director/Manager/Coordinator

About the Independent Institute

The Independent Institute is a non-profit, non-partisan, public-policy research and educational organization that shapes ideas into lasting impact through publications, conferences, and effective multi-media programs. Our mission is boldly to advance peaceful, prosperous, and free societies that are grounded in a commitment to human worth and dignity. Applying independent thinking to issues that matter, we create transformational ideas for today’s most pressing social and economic challenges.

Job Overview

The Independent Institute is seeking talented individuals to lead Independent’s outward-facing promotion (apart from fundraising). The leadership team in this area develops and implements all marketing and social media plans and campaigns. The aim is to widen and deepen the audience for Independent’s ideas and publications, and to increase sales. In addition to seeking an experienced Director, we may also have opportunities at the Manager or Coordinator levels depending on the experience of candidates.


Major operational responsibilities of the Marketing, Outreach and Sales team include the following overlapping areas:

  • Overall marketing management. Develop and implement effective email, direct mail, promotional, and ad campaigns, to promote Independent’s books, journal, programs, and events. This work includes the creation and management of a calendar of promotional campaigns; preparing suitable content and messaging; administering ad placements, including online ads and paid and exchange ads with other publications and sites; organizing collateral and website promotional initiatives; coordinating with other departments which are also engaged in outreach activities; and overseeing mailing list rentals to others. This work also includes the creation and management of relevant budgets.
  • Millennial/GenZ marketing. Work closely with other departments to develop a Next Generation Program marketing plan including competitive analysis, products and services (e.g., digital content delivery), promotion, pricing, distribution, partnerships, and budget. Partner with and promote Independent’s young-citizen-oriented Love Gov and Catalyst initiatives.
  • Social media. Oversee the management of Independent’s social media platforms. Prepare written social media plans including metrics that describe key strategies, objectives, messaging and action. Curate and develop content (e.g., op-eds, blogs, memes) to cultivate online conversations and engagement with our audience to increase engagement and reach. Give direction to a Social Media Manager. Report weekly on social media activity and metrics using analytic tools.
  • Events management. Plan, develop and implement Independent’s promotional events both on and off site. This involves liaison with staff, research fellows, partner organizations, and others to develop opportunities and programs to enhance Independent’s brand and our research centers and fellows, including delivery of anticipated outcomes regarding events.
  • Sales and subscriber management for Independent’s growing line of books and for The Independent Review. Coordinate campaigns to maintain and increase book sales and The Independent Review subscriber base and distribution; undertake library promotion activities; monitor campaign and sales results; and suggest improvements for promotion and sales.


  • A strong commitment to the ideas animating the Independent Institute
  • 3-5+ years of experience in marketing and sales (depending on level of position)
  • Experience in creating broad plans that also contain detailed implementation objectives and measurable outcomes, and carrying them out successfully
  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively
  • Digital and social media dexterity
  • Flawless writing skills
  • Appropriate educational credentials are a plus (e.g., B.A. and/or M.A. in marketing or policy)


  • $54,000 – $110,000, depending on experience and level of hire

To apply

Send a letter detailing your interest, readiness, and alignment with the mission of the Independent Institute; accompanied by a resume, writing samples, and a short list of references; to [email protected].

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  • Beyond Homeless