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    New Book: New Way to Care

    Social Protections that Put Families First

    John C. Goodman offers a bold strategy for giving Americans more control over their destiny, while still promoting—at far less expense—the important social goals that gave rise to government safety-net programs.

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    Infectious Diseases and Government Growth

    New Article Warns of ‘Virus and Leviathan’

    The extension of state power in the U.S. has been alarming—but the long-term consequences could be even more devastating to civil society and just government.

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    New Report: 490 B.C. Project

    Is It Time for a Humanities War?

    Greece and Rome wrestled more than two thousand years ago with what citizenship meant, what freedom meant, what justice meant—just as we wrestle with them today. Today's high school students are woefully unaware of the importance of their unique history.

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    New Report: Bugs in the System

    California’s Monumental IT Failures Earn Latest California Golden Fleece® Award

    Despite being home to some of the greatest minds in technology, California continues failing to modernize its IT systems, much less do so under budget. State agencies are swindling taxpayers and breaking the public trust.

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    The Crisis in Civil Rights

    Best Books and Articles on Race, Police, and the Welfare State

    Independent Institute Senior Fellow Dr. Williamson M. Evers has created one of the most exhaustive annotated reading lists ever assembled regarding the issues of civil rights, policing, race, and the welfare state.

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    Open Letter from 153 Scholars to CA Governor Newsom: “Suspend AB-5 Now to Help Gig Workers”

    An influential group of 153 economists and political scientists call for the immediate suspension of California’s AB-5, a law that was passed in 2019 to restrict the use of independent contractors.
    Related: Brief of Amicus Curiae Before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

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    Best Books on the Folly of Socialism

    What everyone should know about the practical and moral failures of the socialist project

    Compiled by Senior Fellow Dr. Williamson M. Evers, this annotated list of recommended readings highlights some of the most insightful critiques of socialism ever written.

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    CATALYST: Young Voices for Liberty

    Catalyst is our website dedicated to issues that millennials care about the most: jobs, housing costs, education, student debt, healthcare, and more. Learn, engage, and connect.

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    LOVE GOV: Watch Seasons 1 and 2

    Independent’s satirical 2-season 10-part video series personifies the folly, cost, and intrusiveness of government, demonstrating the federal government’s ever-expanding reach into our lives.

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