Challenge of Liberty Summer Seminars
June 20–24, 2016: Santa Clara, California
July 18–22, 2016: Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Each Seminar is designed as an introductory course on the principles of free-market economics and the philosophical foundations of freedom and natural rights. Each day consists of presentations by key university professors and Independent Institute fellows, as well as smaller round-table discussions.

  • On Monday students learn about the core philosophical foundations of a free society, the rise of liberty in the West, and the principles of economics.

  • On Tuesday the faculty covers such key topics as public choice theory, “Austrian” economics, the history of economics. Following the lead of great economists like Ludwig von Mises and F.A. Hayek, we introduce students to these fundamentals and then move on to the ramifications of government interventionism—taxation, regulation, antitrust law, and socialist central planning.

  • By Thursday the teachers have unveiled the myths surrounding market failure and have moved on to illustrating the social destruction unleashed by government failure. The failure of government control in education, health care, the environment, and welfare is highlighted when students learn of the market-based, voluntary approaches to these social and economic issues that they won’t learn of elsewhere.

  • On Friday we round out the week by discussing issues of pressing universal importance, including the future of liberty.

Topics on The Free Life at Challenge of Liberty:

Free to Pursue the Good:
Personal Liberty and Responsibility
Western Civilization and Thought
Utilitarianism vs Natural Law Ethics
Property Rights
History of Economic Thought
Poverty and the Welfare State

Free to Act:
Prices, Competition, and the Market Process
Interventionism and Regulations
Economics, Politics, and Public Choice
Business Cycles
Causes of the Great Depression

Free to Associate:
Labor and Business Regulation
The Voluntary City: Urban Issues
Free Market Environmentalism

Free to Choose:
Crime and Punishment
Monopolies and Antitrust
Policing, Safety, and Rights
The Future of Liberty

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Challenge of Liberty Seminars are made possible by the generous support of our donors, who have joined with us to educate students and young adults regarding the moral and economic foundations of free societies.