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The Challenge of Liberty
Summer Seminars for Students

2014 Schedule:
College: June 16–20 (Denver, CO)
College: July 7–11 (Berkeley, CA)
High School: July 14–18 (Oakland, CA)

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The 2014 summer seminars were a rousing success! Please check back in early 2015 to apply for the 2015 seminars.

Few students have the opportunity to learn the basic ethical and economic principles of open markets and free societies. Yet these principles are essential for understanding, appreciating, and preparing them for the world they will soon enter. The Challenge of Liberty summer seminars are designed to help college and high-school students better understand real-world issues they will encounter throughout life.

In 2012, students came from numerous countries to attend the Institute's program exploring the fundamentals of liberty and a market economy. In 2013, we expanded our program, adding a college seminar in Colorado to our long-established college and high school seminars in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our five-day series of lectures, readings, films, multimedia presentations, and small group discussion teaches students what economics is, how it affects their lives, and how understanding it can help them achieve better lives for themselves, their communities, and the world at large. Informative, inspiring, and fun, The Challenge of Liberty is an ideal way to make the summer break intellectually rewarding.

View videos from past years.

Robert Higgs on a Century of Crisis and Leviathan.

More videos from the 2013, 2012, and 2011 summer seminars

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