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Challenge of Liberty Seminars
2015 Schedule:
June 1–5: Colorado Christian University, Denver
June 8–12: University of Colorado, Boulder
July 6–10: University of California, Berkeley

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Few students are presented with the opportunity to learn the basic ethical and economic principles of open markets and free societies. Yet these principles are essential for understanding, appreciating, and preparing for the professional world you will soon enter. Our Challenge of Liberty seminars are designed to provide college aged students with a framework for interpreting real world issues from an alternative perspective.

Unlike many other summer programs, Challenge of Liberty is designed to be an intimate experience for students and faculty members to allow for the free and focused exchange ideas, concerns, and solutions for an ever-changing world. Join some of the leading scholars in the field of free market economics and philosophy and a selected pool of future economic, political, and business leaders from around the world.

Our 2014 seminar series marked 21 years of Independent Institute educational seminars! Our latest series involved students from 9 countries and 20 states. Challenge of Liberty continues to be one of the most successful free-market seminars held on the West Coast, catering to free thinking student leaders and activists globally!

Our five-day series of lectures, readings, films, multimedia presentations, and debates teach participants what economics is, how it affects their lives, and how understanding it can help them achieve better lives for themselves, their communities, and the world at large. Challenge of Liberty illuminates the intimate connection between principles of free market economics and public policy decisions. Informative, inspiring, and fun, Challenge of Liberty is an ideal way stay intellectually engaged over the summer while bolstering your personal network and building your skill set.

  “The Challenge of Liberty helped me become a true believer in liberty. It was an experience that I still talk about.”
—Jenna C. Laino, Kansas
  “I’ve attended three Challenge of Liberty seminars and I’ve learned something new each time. The seminar features some of the best speakers I’ve heard.”
—Joshua J. Tam, California
  “Attending Challenge of Liberty was an invigorating intellectual experience. This unforgettable week provided great inspiration.”
—John Kroencke, Virginia

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