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Each of The Independent Institute’s Policy Reports examine a single topic or issue in greater detail than is possible within the space limitations of a typical journal article. Written to exacting academic standards, these Policy Reports are key resources for scholars, policy makers, business managers, the media, and concerned citizens.

Healthcare Solutions for Post-Obamacare America
by John C. Goodman

Prison Break: A New Approach to Public Cost and Safety
by Erwin A. Blackstone, Simon Hakim

Broken Borders: Government, Foreign-Born Workers, and the U.S. Economy
by Benjamin W. Powell, Zachary Gochenour

What Price War?: Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Costs of Conflict
by Anthony Gregory

Insurance Regulation in the United States and the European Union: A Comparison
by Robert W. Klein, Martin Eling, Joan T. Schmit

Watery Marauders: How the Federal Government Obstructed the Development of Private Flood Insurance
by Eli Lehrer

Credit-Based Scoring in Insurance Markets
by Lawrence S. Powell

Alternative Frameworks for Insurance Regulation in the United States
by Martin F. Grace, Robert W. Klein

Catastrophes and Performance in Property Insurance: A Comparison of Personal and Commercial Lines
by Patricia H. Born, Barbara Klimaszewski-Blettner

Anatomy of a Train Wreck: Causes of the Mortgage Meltdown
by Stan J. Liebowitz

Our Own Strength Against Us: The War on Terror as a Self-Inflicted Disaster
by Ian S. Lustick

Below-Market Housing Mandates as Takings: Measuring their Impact
by Edward J. López, Edward P. Stringham, Thomas Means

A Diplomatic Road to Damascus: The Benefits of U.S. Engagement with Syria
by Leon T. Hadar

Do We Need to Go to War for Oil?
by David R. Henderson

Nuclear Nonproliferation in the Post-9/11 World
by Charles V. Peña

Budgeting for Empire: The Effect of Iraq and Afghanistan on Military Forces, Budgets, and Plans
by David Isenberg

Congress, the Defense Budget, and Pork: A Snout-to-Tail Description of Congress’ Foremost Concern in National Security Legislation
by Winslow T. Wheeler

Is Future Conflict with China Avoidable?
by Ivan Eland

The Way Out of Iraq: Decentralizing the Iraqi Government
by Ivan Eland

Homeland Security: Learning from Japan
by Edward A. Olsen

New Perspectives in Climate Change: What the EPA Isn’t Telling Us
by S. Fred Singer, John R. Christy, Robert E. Davis, David R. Legates, Wendy M. Novicoff

Antidiscrimination in Health Care: Community Ratings and Pre-Existing Conditions
by Richard A. Epstein

Bank Deposit Guarantees: Why Not Trust the Market?
by Kenneth J. Robinson, Eugenia D. Short

Civil Forfeiture as a “Sin Tax”
by Donald J. Boudreaux, Adam C. Pritchard

Culture and Crime
by Christopher J. Check, Allan C. Carlson

Monetary Nationalism Reconsidered
by Lawrence H. White

Police Services: The Private Challenge
by Erwin A. Blackstone, Simon Hakim

Privatization in Criminal Justice
by Bruce L. Benson

Regulation of Carcinogens: Are Animal Tests a Sound Foundation?
by Aaron B. Wildavsky

Toxic Torts by Government
by Bruce L. Benson

Victim’s Rights, Restitution and Retribution
by Williamson M. Evers

Wealth Creation as a “Sin”
by Jonathan R. Macey