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Forthcoming Books

A Sneak Peek at Publications Coming Soon
from the Independent Institute

COMING: September, 2017
Pope Francis and the Caring Society
Edited by Robert M. Whaples

Pope Francis’s fervent support for uplifting the poor and protecting the environment has inspired far-reaching discussions worldwide. Now a team of experts in religion, economics, and history engage his request for dialogue on the key issues of economic welfare, the environment, charity, and the family by exploring his views, the legacy of Judeo-Christian teachings, and recent social and economic research. How best can we accelerate the market-based, global decline of poverty and what are real solutions for environmental protection? This book is an essential guide for scholars and students, business and civic leaders, church officials, and general readers on the most pressing issues facing humankind.

Hardcover • $24.95 • 256 pages • ISBN: 978-1-59813-287-8

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