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It’s a new school year but students and parents are still facing the same problems. Year after year, the Department of Education has failed to live up to its promises. Federal involvement has failed America’s children and their parents. It’s time to disrupt and rebuild the American education system.

Get Independent’s Back to School Choice bundle, featuring:

  • Failure: The  Federal Misedukation of America’s Children by Vicki E. Alger
  • Can Teachers Own Their Own Schools? New Strategies for Educational Excellence by Richard K. Vedder
  • School Choices: True and False by John D. Merrifield

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Failure: The Federal Misedukation of America's Children
Education policy has long been mired in controversies, often with opposing sides missing the mark. Failure shows what’s gone wrong over the decades and the institutional causes of these failures. It also offers a bold blueprint for returning the federal government to its constitutional role and for cultivating an educational system that meets the needs of students and parents, rather than bureaucrats.
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School Choices True and False
Economist John Merrifield argues that programs providing real educational choices must not be allowed to fail like so many government programs—a freely competitive market for education must remain the ultimate goal.
Regular list price: $15.95
Can Teachers Own Their Own Schools? New Strategies for Educational Excellence
Richard Vedder examines the economics, history, and politics of education and argues that public schools should be privatized. Privatized public schools would benefit from competition, market discipline, and the incentives essential to produce cost-effective, educational quality, and attract the additional funding and expertise needed to revolutionize school systems.
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