Response and Recovery after the Joplin Tornado: Lessons Applied and Lessons Learned
By Daniel Sutter
Daniel J. Smith

Warfare State to Welfare State: Conflict Causes Government to Expand at Home
By Ivan Eland

The Origins of the Permanent War Economy
By Christopher J. Coyne
Thomas K. Duncan

Market Reforms in India and the Quality of Economic Growth
By G. P. Manish


    The Fruits and Fallacies of Fred Skinner on Freedom
By Max Hocutt

Robert Higgs: A Personal and Professional Appreciation
By David J. Theroux

Book Reviews

    Contrasting Models of State and School: A Comparative Historical Study of Parental Choice and State Control
By Charles L. Glenn
Reviewed by Kevin Currie-Knight

The Public Debt Problem: A Comprehensive Guide
By Pierre Lemieux
Reviewed by Randall G. Holcombe

The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Solution
By John A. Allison
Reviewed by George A. Selgin

The Global Organ Shortage: Economic Causes, Human Consequences, Policy Responses
By T. Randolph Beard, David L. Kaserman, and Rigmar Osterkamp
Reviewed by Alexander T. Tabarrok

The Great Persuasion: Reinventing Free Markets since the Depression
By Angus Burgin
Reviewed by Leonard Liggio

The Manipulation of Choice: Ethics and Libertarian Paternalism
By Mark D. White
Reviewed by Jonny Anomaly

The Declining Importance of Race and Gender in the Labor Market: The Role of Employment Discrimination Policies
By June E. O’Neill and Dave M. O’Neill
Reviewed by Richard K. Vedder

The Redistribution Recession: How Labor Market Distortions Contracted the Economy
By Casey B. Mulligan
Reviewed by Richard V. Burkhauser


    The Sluggish Recovery of Real Net Domestic Private Business Investment
By Robert Higgs
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