The Secret of Worldwide Drug Prohibition: The Varieties and Uses of Drug Prohibition
By Harry G. Levine

Does Annual Real Gross Domestic Produce per Capita Overstate or Understate the Growth of Individual Welfare over the Past Two Centuries?
By Hendrik Van den Berg

Globalization and the Poor
By Ian Vsquez

Public Opinion and Campaign Finance: Reformers Versus Reality
By David M. Primo

Hong Kong’s CyberPort: Do Government and High Tech Mix?
By Benjamin C. Ostrov

Battling for Control of Health Care Resources
By E. Haavi Morreim

John Stuart Mill and the Liberty of Inebriation
By Richard Glen Boire

My Time with Soviet Economics
By Paul Craig Roberts


    Why Conservatives and Libertarians Should Support School Vouchers
By Joseph L. Bast

Giving Credit Where It’s Due: Why Tax Credits Are Better Than Vouchers
By Andrew J. Coulson

Book Reviews

    The Riddle of the Modern World: Of Liberty, Wealth, and Equality
By Alan Macfarlane
Reviewed by Deepak K. Lal

Harmonizing Sentiments: The Declaration of Independence and the Jeffersonian Idea of Self-Government
By Hans L. Eicholz
Reviewed by Robert M. S. McDonald

Holding Health Care Accountable: Law and the New Medical Marketplace
By E. Haavi Morreim
Reviewed by Richard A. Epstein

Drug War Heresies: Learning from Other Vices, Times, and Places
By Robert J. MacCoun and Peter Reuter
Reviewed by Jeffrey A. Miron

The Precautionary Principle: A Critical Appraisal of Environmental Risk Assessment
By Indur Goklany
Reviewed by Michael D. Mallinger

The Transfer Society: Economic Expenditures on Transfer Activity
By David N. Laband and George McClintock
Reviewed by Edgar K. Browning

How to Be Human Though an Economist
By Deirdre McCloskey
Reviewed by Robert A. Lawson


    Government Protects Us?
By Robert Higgs
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