The Power of Independent Thinking


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Volume 16  Number 3  •  Winter 2011/12
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Portugal’s Plight: The Role of Social Democracy

Sex and the Problem of Human Rights

Is There a Health-Care Problem in Western Societies?

Mechanisms of Liberal Bias in the News Media versus the Academy

The Provision of Naval Defense in the Early American Republic: A Comparison of the U.S. Navy and Privateers, 1789–1815

Review Essays

Alchemy Leveraged: The Federal Reserve and Modern Finance

Book Reviews

Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Can’t Explain the Modern World

Last Exit: Privatization and Deregulation of the U.S. Transportation System

The Origin of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution

Rehabilitating Lochner: Defending Individual Rights Against Progressive Reform

Back to the Land: Arthurdale, FDR’s New Deal, and the Costs of Economic Planning

The Conscience of an Anarchist: Why It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to the State and Build a Free Society


The Freedom to Cross a Border

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