Ben Bernanke versus Milton Friedman: The Federal Reserve’s Emergence as the U.S. Economy’s Central Planner
By Jeffrey Rogers Hummel

Disaster Relief as Bad Public Policy
By William F. Shughart II

Government by Choice: Classical Liberalism and the Moral Status of Immigration Barriers
By Nicolás Maloberti

The Tragedy of the Euro
By Philipp Bagus

Government behind the Wheel: More a Matter of Politics Than of Economics
By Jim F. Couch
Keith D. Malone
Philip A. Burton
David L. Black

William F. Marina as Teacher and Historian: Some Early Impressions
By Joseph R. Stromberg

Book Reviews

    Political Philosophy, Clearly: Essays on Freedom and Fairness, Property and Equalities
By Anthony de Jasay
Reviewed by Gary Chartier

Unchecked and Unbalanced: How the Discrepancy Between Knowledge and Power Caused the Financial Crisis and Threatens Democracy
By Arnold Kling
Reviewed by Stan J. Liebowitz

The Political and Cultural Economy of Recovery: Social Learning in a Post-Disaster Environment
By Emily Chamlee-Wright
Reviewed by Jeffrey J. Pompe

The Right to Earn a Living: Economic Freedom and the Law
By Timothy Sandefur
Reviewed by James W. Ely Jr.

Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right
By Jennifer Burns
Reviewed by Roderick T. Long
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