Does Regulation Prevent Fraud? The Case of Manhattan Hedge Fund
By Chidem Kurdas

The Puzzle of Local Double Taxation: Why Do Private Community Associations Exist?
By Robert H. Nelson

Health Insurance Before the Welfare State: The Destruction of Self-Help by State Intervention
By Pavel Chalupníček
Luká Dvořák

Kantian Individualism and Political Libertarianism
By James R. Otteson Jr.

Texas Treasury Notes after the Compromise of 1850
By Clifford F. Thies
Gary M. Pecquet

Gerrit Smith: A Radical Nineteenth-Century Libertarian
By Laurence M. Vance

Review Essays

    Fascism: Italian, German, and American
By Steven G. Horwitz

Pufendorf, Grotius, and Locke: Who Is the Real Father of America’s Founding Political Ideas?
By Hans Eicholz

Book Reviews

    The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom
By Yochai Benkler
Reviewed by Peter G. Klein

Negative Liberty: Public Opinion and the Terrorist Attacks on America
By Darren W. Davis
Reviewed by Bruce M. Russett

The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies
By Bryan Caplan
Reviewed by Gene Callahan

Religious Liberty in America: The First Amendment in Historical and Contemporary Perspective
By Bruce T. Murray
Reviewed by Kevin R. C. Gutzman


    Who was Edward M. House?
By Robert Higgs
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