When Fair Is Not Just and Just Is Not Fair
By Anthony de Jasay

Government and Science: A Dangerous Liaison?
By William N. Butos
Thomas J. McQuade

Did the United States Create Democracy in Germany?
By James L. Payne

Direct-to-Consumer Advertising and the Demise of the Ideal Model of Health Care
By Ronald F. White

Texas Treasury Notes and the Election of 1844
By Clifford F. Thies
Gary M. Pecquet

The Condition of Women in Developing and Developed Countries
By Michelle Fram Cohen

Collapse? The “Dismal” Science Doesn’t Think So
By Robert M. Whaples

Should We Have Acted Thirty Years Ago to Prevent Climate Change?
By Randall G. Holcombe

Review Essays

    Free Parking versus Free Markets
By Daniel B. Klein

Politics in Time
By Andrew R. Rutten

Book Reviews

    Understanding Institutional Diversity
By Elinor Ostrom
Reviewed by Gary D. Libecap

Understanding the Process of Economic Change
By Douglass C. North
Reviewed by Stefan Voigt

Choice and Competition in American Education
Edited by Paul Peterson
Reviewed by John D. Merrifield

Changing the World: American Progressives in War and Revolution
By Alan Dawley
Reviewed by Richard M. Gamble
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