The People’s Romance: Why People Love Government (as Much as They Do)
By Daniel B. Klein

Liberty, Markets, and Environmental Values: A Hayekian Defense of Free-Market Environmentalism
By Mark Pennington

Islam and the Institutions of a Free Society
By Stefan Voigt

The Communicative Character of Capitalistic Competition: A Hayekian Response to the Habermasian Challenge
By Michael Wohlgemuth


    Sunstein on Rights
By Max Hocutt

Confusing Rights: A Reply to Hocutt
By Cass R. Sunstein

Review Essays

    Freedom and the Burden of Proof: Randy E. Barnett’s New Book on the Constitution
By Timothy M. Sandefur

Book Reviews

    Euro as Politics
By Pedro Schwartz
Reviewed by Enrico Colombatto
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