Promoting Air Power: The Influence of the U.S. Air Force on the Creation of the National Security State
By Arlene Lazarowitz

Black Gold: The End of Bretton Woods and the Oil-Price Shocks of the 1970s
By David Hammes
Douglas Wills

Rightsizing Los Angeles Government
By Shirley V. Svorny
Ronald Oakerson

Tariffs, Immigration, and Economic Insulation: A New View of the U.S. Post-Civil War Era
By Cecil E. Bohanon
T. Norman Van Cott

Is Government Inevitable? Comment on Holcombe’s Analysis
By Edward P. Stringham
Peter T. Leeson

Is Government Inevitable? Reply to Leeson and Stringham
By Randall G. Holcombe

Rational Economic Man and His Dog Set Out to Mow a Meadow
By G. R. Steele

The Prospects for Democracy in High-Violence Societies
By James L. Payne

Economic Freedom in the World, 2002
By J. R. Clark
Robert A. Lawson
James D. Gwartney

Book Reviews

    Property Rights: Cooperation, Conflict, and Law
Edited by Terry L. Anderson and Fred S. McChesny
Reviewed by James W. Ely Jr.

Principles of Politics Applicable to All Governments
By Benjamin Constant, translated by Dennis OKeeffe
Reviewed by Christie Davies

The Constitution of Empire: Territorial Expansion and American Legal History
By Gary Lawson and Guy Seidman
Reviewed by Herman Belz

The Christian Realists: Reassessing the Contributions of Niebuhr and His Contemporaries
Edited by Eric Patterson
Reviewed by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Chasing the Wind: Regulating Air Pollution in the Common Law State
By Noga Morag-Levine
Reviewed by Andrew P. Morriss

Running on Empty: How the Democratic and Republican Parties Are Bankrupting Our Future and What Americans Can Do about It
By Peter G. Peterson
Reviewed by James A. Montanye

Mega-Projects: The Changing Politics of Urban Public Investment
By Alan Altshuler and David Luberoff
Reviewed by Peter Gordon

The New Constitutional Order
By Mark Tushnet
Reviewed by James E. Bond


    Benefits and Costs of the U.S. Government’s War Making
By Robert Higgs
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