“Burn, Baby, Burn”: Small Business in the Urban Riots of the 1960s
By Jonathan J. Bean

The School-Choice Choices
By John D. Merrifield

Medicare Reform: Economics versus Politics
By Robert B. Helms

Taxation, Forced Labor, and Theft
By Edward Feser

Racism, Railroad Unions, and Labor Regulations
By David E. Bernstein

The Inhumanity of Government Bureaucracies
By Hans Sherrer

The Agony of Public Education
By James L. Payne

What Really Happened in 1981
By Alan Reynolds
Paul Craig Roberts

Review Essays

    The Appeal of the Empire of Lies
By Jennifer Roback Morse

Book Reviews

    Capitalism, Democracy and Ralph’s Pretty Good Grocery
By John Mueller
Reviewed by Robert Heineman

Colorblind Injustice: Minority Voting Rights and the Undoing of the Second Reconstruction
By J. Morgan Kousser
Reviewed by Richard Young

The Political Economy of NATO: Past, Present and into the 21st Century
By Todd Sandler and Keith Hartley
Reviewed by Ivan Eland

All on Fire: William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolition of Slavery
By Henry Mayer
Reviewed by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel

Property and Freedom
By Richard Pipes
Reviewed by Peter Mentzel


    Double Standards, Double Talk, and Multiple Troubles
By Philip Perlmutter
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