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Independent’s Excellence Prize for
The Independent Review

Prize: $10,000

“Social Justice”
Call for Symposium Papers

The editors of The Independent Review invite submissions on the topic of social justice for a special symposium to be published in 2019. Papers should explore, reassess, and critique the concept of social justice—relating it to ongoing debates in economics, philosophy, politics, public policy, religion, and the broader culture. 

We simply ask that submissions adhere to high standards of scholarly excellence (including a demonstrated knowledge of the relevant classical-liberal scholarship) and that the writing be intelligible and engaging to a diverse audience of thoughtful readers.

If your paper is selected, it will be published in The Independent Review. The number of papers to be published is not set, but will be tied to the quality of the submissions as determined by the editors of the journal. The editors will select one paper from the symposium to win the Excellence Prize, which carries a monetary award of $10,000*.

  • Paper Length: 4,000-5,000 words

  • Deadline: December 15, 2018

  • Anyone is eligible for the $10,000 prize, with the exception the judges and full-time employees of the Independent Institute.

Submit Your Paper

For questions, please contact:
Professor Robert M. Whaples; Co-Editor, The Independent Review


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