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Research Articles

These articles, written by Independent Institute Research Fellows, were originally published in other publications, and are republished here. For other research articles, please see our Policy Reports, Working Papers, and The Independent Review.

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Date Title Author(s)
3/2/2009 “Arms in the Hands of Jews Are a Danger to Public Safety”: Nazism, Firearm Registration, and the Night of the Broken Glass Stephen P. Halbrook
1/1/1989 “The Arms of All The People Should Be Taken Away” Stephen P. Halbrook
12/19/1996 The “Ism” That Isn’t (Why Social Determinism Cannot Mean What it Says) Allan Levite
6/15/1975 'Brainwashing' and Managed Group Experiences: Converging 'New' Techniques? William F. Marina
8/1/1968 Adam Smith, Adam Ferguson, and the Division of Labour Ronald Hamowy
10/1/1990 Agriculture in Bulgaria Peter J. Hill
Carl A. Pescosolido, Jr.
1/13/2011 Aim at the Zero Deficit Line Craig Eyermann
1/1/2000 Albert Jay Nock on Education Wendy McElroy
7/10/2000 The American Drug War: Anatomy of a Futile and Costly Police Action Bruce L. Benson
David W. Rasmussen
1/1/1975 The American Revolution and the Minority Myth William F. Marina
1/1/1979 The Attack on Concentration Yale Brozen
2/13/2009 Banning a Risky Product Cannot Improve Any Consumer’s Welfare (Properly Understood), with Applications to FDA Testing Requirements Robert Higgs
4/1/2000 Barbarians at Bill Gates William F. Shughart II
6/1/1989 Beware the Pork-Hawk: In Pursuit of Reelection, Congress Sells Out the Nation’s Defense Robert Higgs
12/1/2001 The Blessed Monopolies Alexander T. Tabarrok
8/23/2010 C. S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism David J. Theroux
9/23/1997 C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Armand M. Nicholi II
7/1/1994 The Cold War Economy Robert Higgs
4/1/1992 The Common Law Solution to Water Pollution Roger E. Meiners
Bruce Yandle
7/1/1980 Communications Ronald Hamowy
9/1/2003 Connections Between the Austrian School of Economics and Christian Faith Paul A. Cleveland
10/1/2000 Constitutional Counterrevolution Charlotte Twight
11/1/1988 Crisis and Quasi-Corporatist Policy-Making: The U.S. Case in Historical Perspective Robert Higgs
1/1/1985 Crisis, Bigger Government, and Ideological Change Robert Higgs
4/1/1998 Defining State and Society Wendy McElroy
7/21/2008 The Dehumanizing Impact of Modern Thought Richard Weikart
9/1/1997 Discovery and Economic Freedom Daniel B. Klein
1/1/1989 Do Legislators’ Votes Reflect Constituency Preference? Robert Higgs
5/1/1983 The Dutch-American Guerrillas of the American Revolution William F. Marina
9/1/2000 Economic Behavior: An Inherent Problem With Utilitarianism Paul A. Cleveland
4/1/2000 Economic Growth: What’s Love Got to do With It? Paul A. Cleveland
9/1/2001 Economic Liberty Paul A. Cleveland
7/25/2008 Economic Science and the Poverty of Naturalism David J. Theroux
9/1/1987 Economic Warfare and Private Property Rights Robert Higgs
Charlotte Twight
8/21/2013 The Economics Behind the U.S. Government’s Unwinnable War on Drugs Benjamin W. Powell
9/1/2000 Economists Against the FDA Daniel B. Klein
1/1/1975 Egalitarianism and Empire William F. Marina
1/1/1991 Eighteen Problematic Propositions in the Analysis of the Growth of Government Robert Higgs
10/1/1990 The Environment in Bulgaria Peter J. Hill
2/1/1997 An Environment Without Property Rights Richard L. Stroup
Jane S. Shaw
9/1/2002 The Failure of Utilitarian Ethics in Political Economy Paul A. Cleveland
4/1/2001 FDR: The Man, the Leader, the Legacy Ralph Raico
5/17/2005 Fear: The Foundation of Every Government’s Power Robert Higgs
9/1/1997 Federal Government Growth Before the New Deal Randall G. Holcombe
4/4/2011 Foreword to The Civilian and the Military, by Arthur A. Ekirch, Jr. Ralph Raico
10/28/2011 Foreword to the First Edition of Beyond Politics Gordon Tullock
12/1/2006 From the Armistice to the Great Depression Robert Higgs
9/1/1999 From Central Planning to the Market Robert Higgs
6/1/1998 The Ghost of John D. Rockefeller Thomas J. DiLorenzo
5/1/1999 Gold Policy in the 1930s Mark Thornton
Richard H. Timberlake, Jr.
Thomas J. Thompson

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