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Research Articles

These articles, written by Independent Institute Research Fellows, were originally published in other publications, and are republished here. For other research articles, please see our Policy Reports, Working Papers, and The Independent Review.

’Brainwashing’ and Managed Group Experiences: Converging ‘New’ Techniques?
William F. Marina | June 15, 1975

“Arms in the Hands of Jews Are a Danger to Public Safety”: Nazism, Firearm Registration, and the Night of the Broken Glass
Stephen P. Halbrook | March 2, 2009

“The Arms of All The People Should Be Taken Away”
Stephen P. Halbrook | January 1, 1989

The “Ism” That Isn’t (Why Social Determinism Cannot Mean What it Says)
Allan Levite | December 19, 1996

Adam Smith, Adam Ferguson, and the Division of Labour
Ronald Hamowy | August 1, 1968

Agriculture in Bulgaria
Peter J. Hill, Carl A. Pescosolido, Jr. | October 1, 1990

Aim at the Zero Deficit Line
Craig Eyermann | January 13, 2011

Albert Jay Nock on Education
Wendy McElroy | January 1, 2000

The American Drug War: Anatomy of a Futile and Costly Police Action
Bruce L. Benson, David W. Rasmussen | July 10, 2000

The American Revolution and the Minority Myth
William F. Marina | January 1, 1975

Armed Resistance to Crime
The Prevalence and Nature of Self-Defense with a Gun

Gary Kleck, Marc Gertz | June 30, 2016

The Attack on Concentration
Yale Brozen | January 1, 1979

Banning a Risky Product Cannot Improve Any Consumer’s Welfare (Properly Understood), with Applications to FDA Testing Requirements
Robert Higgs | February 13, 2009

Barbarians at Bill Gates
William F. Shughart II | April 1, 2000

Beware the Pork-Hawk: In Pursuit of Reelection, Congress Sells Out the Nation’s Defense
Robert Higgs | June 1, 1989

The Blessed Monopolies
Does pediatric exclusivity drug legislation benefit children? What about their parents?

Alexander T. Tabarrok | December 1, 2001

The Bulgarian Economic Growth and Transition Project
Peter J. Hill, Carl A. Pescosolido, Jr. | September 24, 2009

C. S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism
David J. Theroux | August 23, 2010

C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud
A Comparison of Their Thoughts and Viewpoints on Life, Pain and Death

Armand M. Nicholi II | September 23, 1997

Climate Consensus and “Misinformation”
A Rejoinder to Agnotology, Scientific Consensus, and the Teaching and Learning of Climate Change

David R. Legates, William M. Briggs, Christopher Monckton, Wei-Hock "Willie" Soon | August 30, 2013

The Cold War Economy
Opportunity Costs, Ideology, and the Politics of Crisis

Robert Higgs | July 1, 1994

The Common Law Solution to Water Pollution
The Path Not Taken

Roger E. Meiners, Bruce Yandle | April 1, 1992

Ronald Hamowy | July 1, 1980

A Comparison of Tropical Temperature Trends with Model Predictions
S. Fred Singer, John R. Christy, David H. Douglass, Benjamin D. Pearson | May 15, 2017

Connections Between the Austrian School of Economics and Christian Faith
A Personalist Approach

Paul A. Cleveland | September 1, 2003

Constitutional Counterrevolution
Charlotte Twight | October 1, 2000

The Constitutional Right to Hunt
New Recognition of an Old Liberty in Virginia

Stephen P. Halbrook | March 23, 2017

Crisis and Quasi-Corporatist Policy-Making: The U.S. Case in Historical Perspective
Robert Higgs | November 1, 1988

Crisis, Bigger Government, and Ideological Change
Two Hypotheses on the Ratchet Phenomenon

Robert Higgs | January 1, 1985

The Declaration of Independence
Ronald Hamowy | April 21, 2001

Defining State and Society
Wendy McElroy | April 1, 1998

The Dehumanizing Impact of Modern Thought
Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and Their Followers

Richard Weikart | July 21, 2008

Discovery and Economic Freedom
Daniel B. Klein | September 1, 1997

Disparity of Tropospheric and Surface Temperature Trends: New Evidence
S. Fred Singer, David H. Douglass, Benjamin D. Pearson, Patrick J. Michaels, Paul C. Knappenberger | May 17, 2017

Do Legislators’ Votes Reflect Constituency Preference?
A Simple Way to Evaluate the Senate

Robert Higgs | January 1, 1989