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Executive Summary

Five Ways Trump Can Improve Environmental Policy

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The advent of a new administration in Washington, DC, offers the opportunity to reconsider stale approaches to federal environmental policy and to implement innovative new strategies that would protect our natural surroundings while preserving the institutions vital to the flourishing of our social and economic environment. Such an opening comes at an important time. The Obama administration left office after a prolonged expansion of the regulatory state, promulgating thousands of pages of new permitting requirements, regulations, and anticompetitive statutes and subsidies.

Ryan M. Yonk is a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute, Assistant Research Professor of Economics and Finance at Utah State University, and co-author of the Independent Institute book, Nature Unbound: Bureaucracy vs. the Environment.

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NATURE UNBOUND: Bureaucracy vs. the Environment
Environmental policy has been guided since the late 1960s by demonstrably false assumptions responsible for a host of ineffective and wasteful command-and-control policies on air pollution, water pollution, endangered species, wilderness, renewable energy, and more.