The Power of Independent Thinking


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Abstractors and Indexers

The Independent Review is abstracted and indexed in whole or in part by the following periodicals.

Academic FullText Elite
Academic Index
Academic Search 1000
Allied Social Science Index and Abstracts
Book Review Index
Columbia International Affairs Online
Criminal Justice Abstracts
EconLit on CD-ROM
Economic Literature Index
Environmental Abstracts
Environmental Periodicals Bibliography
ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education
Human Geography
Humanities Source
International Political Science Abstracts
EBSCO MasterFile FullText
A Matter of Fact
PAIS International
PAIS Select
Peace Research Abstracts Journal
Executive Digest (PriceWaterhouseCoopers)
Research Alert
Risk Abstracts
Sage Communications Abstracts
Sage Education Abstracts
Sage Family Studies Abstracts
Sage Human Resources Abstracts
Sage Public Administration Abstracts
Sage Urban Studies Abstracts
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Social Science Citation Index
Social Science Source
Sociological Abstracts
UNESCO DARE Data Bank of Social Science Periodicals
H. W. Wilson Company
The Wilson Quarterly


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