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Date Title
4/24/2014 “What Type of Intervention can Bring Peace to Ukraine? ” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland appears on CCTV
4/24/2014 “Bangladesh Factory Collapse- 1 Year Later” Sr. Fellow Benjamin Powell appears on CKNW Radio
4/23/2014 “US Aid to Ukraine Fails to Promote Democracy” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland quoted in RIA Novosti
4/23/2014 “Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland appears on Arise TV
4/23/2014 “Tolstoy’s Remarkable Manifesto On Christian Anarchy And Pacifism” Sr. Fellow Robert Higgs in Eurasia Review
4/23/2014 Research Fellow Edward J. Lopez wins Distinguished Scholar Award from the Association of Private Enterprise Education
4/23/2014 “Bangladesh’s Factory Collapse: A One-Year Retrospective” Sr. Fellow Benjamin Powell Op-Ed in The Huffington Post
4/22/2014 “Was the police response to the Boston bombing really appropriate?” Sr. Fellow Robert Higgs and the “Ratchet Effect” mentioned in The Washington Post
4/21/2014 “Why Are The Poor, Poor?” Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, author of Priceless in
4/21/2014 Sr. Fellow Benjamin Powell to Appear on The Independents on Fox Business Network Mon. April 21, 9pm ET
4/18/2014 “The Great Writ” The Power of Habeas Corpus in America by Research Fellow Anthony Gregory is reviewed by The Future of Freedom Foundation
4/18/2014 “Why Won’t Medicare Pay For Medical Tourism?” Sr. Fellow John R. Graham Op-Ed in Eurasia Review
4/17/2014 “Obamacare’s Cost Is Down 8%, but That May Not Be Good News” Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, author of Priceless in Psychology Today
4/17/2014 “The Next IRS Tactic vs. Expats and Accidental Americans?” Research Fellow Wendy McElroy Op-Ed in The Daily Bell
4/16/2014 “Gov. Bobby Jindal’s Health Reform Proposal: Pros And Cons” Sr. Fellow John R. Graham in Eurasia Review
4/15/2014 “With or without Kathleen Sebelius, Obamacare has always been the problem” Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, author of Priceless cited on and others in Cal Thomas’ syndicated column
4/15/2014 “Antiquated Law Adds Billions to Fuel Costs” Sr. Fellow William F. Shughart II Op-Ed in The New York Post
4/15/2014 “The Growing Government and the Ratchet Effect” Sr. Fellow Robert Higgs, author of Crisis and Leviathan cited on the Mike Church Radio Show
4/15/2014 “If You Care About Income Inequality, Then Why Don’t You Support School Reform?” Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, author of Priceless cited in Acton Inst. Power Blog
4/15/2014 “How Much Is Washington’s Big Spending Costing YOU?” MyGovCost’s new mobile app receives coverage from 127 sources through PR Newswire
4/14/2014 “A Republican Vision for Health Reform” Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, author of Priceless Op-Ed in
4/12/2014 “Ukraine Crisis” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland interviewed on CCTV
4/11/2014 “Panic in D.C.: Did regulators overhype the financial crisis?” Research Fellow Vern McKinley, author of Financing Failure: A Century of Bailouts cited in Washington Business Journal
4/11/2014 “Stephen Halbrook’s Masterful History of Nazi Gun Control Measures by Clayton E. Cramer,” at Ruthfully Yours
4/10/2014 “Ron Paul Defines ‘Liberty’ at Cal State East Bay” Independent Institute Event Profiled in San Jose Mercury News and other Bay Area News Group Papers The Oakland Tribune, Contra Costa Times, Fremont Argus, and Tri-Valley Times
4/10/2014 “Davis-Bacon: The Price-Fixing Conspiracy That The Feds Mandate” The Independent Review article by David R. Henderson and Research Fellow Jeffrey Rogers Hummel cited in Forbes
4/10/2014 “Ron Paul preaches the values of smaller government” Independent Institute Ron Paul event is profiled in The Pioneer of CA State Univ. East Bay
4/10/2014 “The Economic Abomination of Accredited Investors” Research Fellow Wendy McElroy in The Daily Bell
4/10/2014 “Shedding some light on the libertarian surge” Crisis and Leviathan by Sr. Fellow Robert Higgs is cited in Renew America
4/10/2014 “Don’t reform the tax code on the backs of over-taxed energy producers” Sr. Fellow William Shughart Op-Ed in The Hill
4/9/2014 “Pro-Russian Activists Occupy Government Buildings in Eastern Ukraine” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland interviewed on CCTV
4/9/2014 “Why Is ObamaCare a Rube Goldberg Contraption?” Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, author of Priceless in Forbes