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Date Title
5/18/2012 “The singular vision of Peter Thiel,” by Chris Barton cites The Diversity Myth (The New Zealand Herald)
5/18/2012 Research Fellow Art Carden cited in the International Business Times article “Facebook and the Public Company”
5/18/2012 Research Editor Anthony Gregory in Huffington Post article “The Golden State Gone Broke”
5/17/2012 Senior Fellow Benjamin Powell in Forbes op-ed “The Law Of Unintended Consequences: Georgia’s Immigration Law Backfires”
5/16/2012 New commentary “The Real Women’s Issues” from John C. Goodman, author of upcoming book Priceless
5/16/2012 Research Fellow Winslow T. Wheeler in TIME article “F-22 In A Dogfight as Panetta Crimps Its Flight Envelope”
5/15/2012 ALERT: Research Fellow Gabriel Roth, along with CEI and Reason Foundation, will be holding a Capitol Hill briefing TODAY at noon ET titled, “Reforming Federal Surface Transportation Policy: Problems, Solutions, And A New Path Forward.”
5/15/2012 Senior Fellow Chuck Pena in The Bellingham Herald article “Living With a Nuclear Iran”
5/15/2012 The New Holy Wars reviewed in Ecological Economics
5/13/2012 Research Director Alex Tabarrok cited in Times Union article discussing Schenectady County’s gun buy-back program
5/10/2012 Research Editor Anthony Gregory in Huffington Post commentary “Let Them All Stay--Amnesty, Now”
5/7/2012 Senior Fellow Robert Nelson in The Arizona Republic op-ed “Wasteful U.S. public-land policy must change”
5/7/2012 ALERT: Research Fellow James R. Otteson to be on Glenn Beck TV TONIGHT at 5 p.m. ET
5/5/2012 Senior Fellow Ivan Eland’s book No War For Oil receives a positive review in Barron’s (Seen on page 2)
5/4/2012 Senior Fellow Richard Vedder cited in Wall Street Journal article “Investing in College? It Pays to Think Like an Investor”
5/4/2012 Research Director Alex Tabbarok cited in New York Times article “Vocation or Exploration? Pondering the Purpose of College”
5/2/2012 New commentary from Senior Fellow Ivan Eland “American Foreign Policy: Have Gun, Will Travel”
5/2/2012 Research Editor Anthony Gregory in Huffington Post piece “Is Iran Really a Threat?”
5/1/2012 Research Fellow John Goodman in The Daily Caller op-ed: “Power to the patient”
5/1/2012 Research Fellow Winslow T. Wheeler in TIME article “The Pentagon’s Million-Dollar Aviation Plan”
4/30/2012 Senior Fellow Richard Vedder cited in Los Angeles Times article “Republicans applying ‘supply side’ theory to benefits”
4/30/2012 Aquanomics: Water Markets and the Environment reviewed (Books Online)
4/28/2012 Research Fellow John Goodman article “Is Obama Cooking the Medicare Books?” in Townhall
4/26/2012 Research Editor Anthony Gregory discusses the “Only One Way to End the Indecencies of War” in the Huffington Post
4/25/2012 Research Fellow John C. Goodman op-ed in Politico “Social Security trustees: We’re going broke”
4/25/2012 Research Fellow Gabriel Roth cited in National Journal article “Maybe the System Really Is Working”
4/21/2012 Research Fellow Art Carden in Washington Examiner article “Entrepreneurs serve the public better than politicians”
4/21/2012 The New Holy Wars is cited in Christian Headlines
4/21/2012 The New Holy Wars cited by Jerry Newcombe in Christian Post
4/20/2012 “Environmentalism Has Become a Religion,” by Robert H. Nelson in Philadelphia Inquirer, Sacramento Bee, Miami Herald, and nine other papers
4/19/2012 Research Director Alex Tabarrok cited on Wall Street Daily article “Can Twitter Take Down the Patent Giants?”
4/18/2012 New commentary from Ivan Eland “Save Money by Ending Costly Alliances”