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Date Title
1/29/2012 Senior Fellow Ivan Eland in Deseret News commentary “U.S. could use other avenues for getting oil from Persian Gulf”
1/28/2012 Research Director Alex Tabarrok cited in the Washington Post, “The government must prioritize innovation”
1/26/2012 Research Director Alex Tabarrok in The Atlantic article “The Innovation Nation vs. the Warfare-Welfare State”
1/26/2012 Senior Fellow Ivan Eland discusses in The Janesville Gazette why there is no reason for the United States to use military force in Iran to keep the Strait of Hormuz open
1/26/2012 Robert Higgs commentary “U.S. Unemployment Woes Persist” featured in Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government
1/25/2012 New commentary from Senior Fellow Ivan Eland “Democratization: Indigenous Beats Imported”
1/24/2012 Research Fellow Art Carden new Forbes article “Have We Won the Future Yet? If Not Now, When? If Not Us, Who?”
1/23/2012 Senior Fellow Robert Higgs cited in New American article “Unemployment Numbers, Regime Uncertainty, and Regulatory Surge”
1/22/2012 Research Fellow Emily Skarbek in The Washington Examiner article “Writing Checks Against the Future”
1/19/2012 Senior Fellow Benjamin Powell in The Sacramento Bee article “Spur Redevelopment by Abolishing RDAs”
1/18/2012 Research Fellow Vern McKinley in Washington Times article “Financing failure: The state of bailouts” discussing his new book “Financing Failure”
1/18/2012 New commentary from Senior Fellow Ivan Eland “Cut Carriers Now”
1/17/2012 Senior Fellow Ivan Eland in The Washington Times explaining why Iran sanctions won’t work
1/17/2012 Research Fellow William Watkins in The Daily Caller, “Gingrich is Right About Judicial Supremacy”
1/16/2012 Research Fellow Jonathan Bean on Stossel discusses how breaking color barriers was pioneered by business against government restrictions
1/15/2012 Senior Fellow Benjamin Powell cited in The Miami Herald regarding economical job preservation
1/15/2012 Senior Fellow Robert Higgs on “Regime Uncertainty, Then and Now” in The Freeman
1/14/2012 Jonathan Bean interviewed about Race and Liberty in America on Stossel on Fox Business Channel
1/12/2012 Research Editor Anthony Gregory quoted in USA Today commentary “Restrict FCC power to police airwaves?”
1/12/2012 Ivan Eland in San Antonio News article “How America could avoid returning to Iraq”
1/12/2012 Research Fellow Art Carden in Forbes commentary “Dear Student: I Don’t Lie Awake At Night Thinking of Ways to Ruin Your Life”
1/11/2012 Research Editor Anthony Gregory in The Huffington Post discussing “The Indecency of the FCC”
1/11/2012 Research Fellow Vern McKinley Interviewed on Schiff Radio by Peter Schiff on his new book Financing Failure: A Century of Bailouts
1/11/2012 New commentary from Ivan Eland “Don’t Count on Obama’s Defense Cuts”
1/10/2012 Research Fellow Vern McKinley discusses the history of bailouts and his new book Financing Failure with KCMO Talk Radio
1/6/2012 Senior Fellow Charles V. Peña commentary “Keystone Cops Logic” regarding the economic sanctions being placed on Iran
1/6/2012 Senior Fellow Ivan Eland discusses the contents of his new book “No War for Oil” with the National Center for Policy Analysis
1/3/2012 New commentary from Senior Fellow Ivan Eland, “How to Avoid a Return to Iraq”
1/2/2012 Research Fellow Fred Singer discusses global warming in American Thinker article “Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake!”
1/1/2012 Race and Liberty in America reviewed in Liberty Magazine
12/30/2011 Research Fellow Art Carden reflects on 2011 highlights in Forbes article “It’s the End of the Year As We Know It”
12/30/2011 Senior Fellow Robert Higgs on “Government Officials Want You to Know that Your Earnings Belong to Them” at