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Date Title
2/23/2006 New Book Unmasks Che Guevara as “Cold-blooded Killing Machine”
5/31/2011 New Independent Institute Report Reveals Actual Costs of U.S. Mideast Wars
4/14/2014 New MyGovCost iPhone and iPad App
1/24/2005 New Policy Report Suggests Confederation or Partition May Be Best Solution for Iraq
9/8/2003 New Report Card on Administration’s “War on Terrorism” Gives Few Passing Grades, According to National Security Expert
4/4/2006 New Report Says Restrictive Land-Use Rules Add Billions to Housing Costs
10/9/2006 New Secretary of Transportation, Mary Peters, faces Transportation Safety and Congestion Issues
11/1/2004 New Study Examines Government-Created Alcohol Monopolies
11/12/2007 New Study Shows “Inclusionary Zoning” Hinders Development and Makes Housing Less Affordable
6/12/2007 Nuclear Nonproliferation in the Post-9/11 World
11/7/2014 Obamacare’s Loopholes for Big Firms Can Trap Workers in Skimpy Health Plans
11/20/2014 Obamacare’s Woes Run Deep, but Many Could Be Fixed with Four Simple Reforms
9/21/2007 Opposing the Crusader State
6/29/2001 Overturn of Breakup Remedy Validates Pathbreaking Analysis of Microsoft Case by The Independent Institute's Economists
10/19/2005 Passage Of Iraq’s Constitution Likely To Inflame Sunni Insurgency
10/6/2011 President Obama Delivers Speech on Jobs: “The economy is just too fragile for us to let politics get in the way of action”
6/19/2012 Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis Beyond Party Politics and Into the Marketplace
4/4/2006 Prophecy of Doom Warrants Censure, Not Celebration
9/4/2007 Protecting U.S. Oil Interests?
2/17/2007 Raiding the Defense Budget to Fund Local Pork
6/22/2011 Research Fellow and Economist, William Shughart, to join Utah State University
2/1/2004 Restoring Urban Life In Crisis Times
7/28/2015 Robert Higgs Pulls No Punches in His Latest Book, Taking a Stand
8/9/2011 Save the New Date!
10/5/2009 Scholars Win $21,000 in Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest
1/15/2009 Scholarship Applications Now Available for East Bay Students
11/9/2012 Six Reasons Why ObamaCare Will Fail
9/12/2008 Spanish-language Blog El Independent Receives One Millionth Visitor
11/5/2009 Stagnating US Insurance Markets Could Get Boost from European Union Model
2/1/2006 State of the Union
7/23/2003 Statement by Center on Peace & Liberty Director on Killings of Uday and Qusay Hussein
6/28/2000 Statement from The Independent Institute on Oracle’s Sponsorship of Smear Campaign
6/26/2003 Statement of Former EPA Deputy Administrator on Resignation of EPA Administrator Whitman
5/25/2004 Statement of Institute’s Senior Fellow for Foreign Policy on President Bush’s Speech
4/14/2003 Statement of Institute’s Senior Fellow for Foreign Policy: Potential on U.S. Involvement in Syria
8/19/2003 Statement on the Bombings in Baghdad, Jerusalem
7/3/2003 Statement on the Possibility of Sending Troops to Liberia
9/15/2001 Statement on the Terrorist Attacks
7/8/2003 Statement on the White House’s Admission of Error on Iraq’s Attempt to Get Uranium from Africa
7/2/2014 States Reap Huge Savings When They Contract with Private Prisons, New Study Finds
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