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Date Title
8/25/2009 Independent Scholarship Fund Opens Doors for Bay Area Students
2/7/2001 Institute Responds to Trust Us, We're Experts Authors’ Fantasy
2/4/2013 Insurance Regulation is Risky Business—The Case for Market-Based Regulatory Reform
2/7/2007 Is A Congestion Tax The Answer For Commuters?
5/26/2006 Is Conflict with China Inevitable?
7/6/2010 Is Liberty Threatened by the Rise of Military Power in America?
6/7/2006 Is The U.S. Justice System Broken and Can It Be Fixed?
1/11/2008 Is the U.S. Provoking a New Cold War—In Space?
4/6/1998 Justice Department Lacks Basis for Antitrust Case Against Microsoft
2/15/2005 Latin America’s Foremost Political Journalist Makes a Brilliant and Passionate Argument for Reform
10/28/2005 Libby Indictment Has Far Reaching Implications for U.S. Intelligence Around the World
6/1/2012 Living Economics
10/7/2010 Mario Vargas Llosa Is Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature
4/28/2006 May 1st Immigrant Boycott Aims to Push Congress to Act
7/28/2003 Nation’s Leading Global Warming Experts Unveil New Findings on Climate Change
12/15/2011 National Defense Authorization Act Passes House
10/19/2009 National Flood Insurance Obstructs Development, Eliminates Options
10/16/2006 National Security Expert Charles Peña Joins the Independent Institute to Address Escalating Terrorism and Nuclear Proliferation
3/3/2003 National Security Expert Ivan Eland Joins The Independent Institute to Head Its New “Center on Peace and Liberty” at a Moment of International Crisis
7/8/2005 National Security Expert Ivan Eland Says London and Madrid Bombings Work of al Qaeda
7/27/2015 New Love Gov Video Series Surpasses One Million Viewers
4/25/2012 New Book Aquanomics Shows How to Resolve Impending Water Crises
10/12/2005 New Book by the Foremost Authority on War and Government Power Examines Post-9/11 America
10/1/2004 New Book Challenges U.S. Policy Of “Preemptive” Wars and “Nation Building”
9/1/2004 New Book Challenges Unchecked U.S. Government Power
1/18/2006 New Book Critiques Profligate Spending on U.S. Farm Programs
11/6/2006 New Book Dispels Myth that Wars Boost the Economy
2/1/2005 New Book Examines Battles over Free Speech and Academic Freedom on American University Campuses
10/8/2015 New Book Examines How Market-Based Solutions to Immigration Would Benefit Millions Around the Globe
7/11/2005 New Book Examines Maze of Failed Environmental Policies
4/1/2004 New Book Examines Tenure and the Structure of Higher Education
7/14/2015 New Book Explains Why Prosperity and Civilization Itself Depend on Free Markets
1/11/2010 New Book Finds Religious Core to Economics, Environmentalism
4/28/2015 New Book Offers a Better Choice than Obamacare
7/25/2006 New Book Offers Solutions to Relieve Traffic Congestion and Enhance Highway Safety
9/14/2004 New Book on Empire Building to Be Showcased at Reception on October 20
6/1/2015 New Book on How to Resolve the Cost of America’s Public-Pension Crisis
1/29/2007 New Book Points to Brighter Future for Electricity Customers
9/3/2012 New Book Reveals Atmosphere of Global Financial Storm
6/30/2009 New Book Reveals Forgotten Figures of Civil Rights Movement
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