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News Releases

Date Title
2010-10-25 The Independent Institute Receives 2010 Templeton Freedom Award
2010-10-07 Mario Vargas Llosa Is Awarded Nobel Prize in Literature
2010-09-27 Independent Institute Names Winners of 2010 Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest
2010-08-30 Independent Institute Launches Government Cost Calculator at
2010-07-06 Is Liberty Threatened by the Rise of Military Power in America?
2010-06-28 In Landmark Ruling, Supreme Court Overturns Chicago Handgun Ban
2010-05-14 The New Holy Wars Wins Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize
2010-04-05 Supreme Court to Rule on Second, Fourteenth Amendments
2010-03-18 Veterans Administration Has Long Record of Negligence, Inefficiency, Failure
2010-02-22 Does the 2nd Amendment Apply to the States?
2010-02-10 FDA’s History Reveals Power Plays Produced No Health Benefits
2010-01-12 Independent Institute Launches Center on Culture and Civil Society
2010-01-11 New Book Finds Religious Core to Economics, Environmentalism
2009-11-05 Stagnating US Insurance Markets Could Get Boost from European Union Model
2009-10-19 National Flood Insurance Obstructs Development, Eliminates Options
2009-10-05 Scholars Win $21,000 in Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest
2009-10-01 Can Good Credit Scores Decrease Insurance Premiums?
2009-09-14 Avoiding Waste in Insurance Regulation
2009-09-02 Hurricane Season Sure to Devastate, Property Insurance Doesn't Have To
2009-08-31 Housing Market Rebound? Don't Bank On It
2009-08-25 Independent Scholarship Fund Opens Doors for Bay Area Students
2009-07-13 Stephen Halbrook to Testify Against Confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor
2009-06-30 New Book Reveals Forgotten Figures of Civil Rights Movement
2009-06-23 Applications Now Available for the 2010 Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest
2009-05-27 Venezuelan Authorities Detain Alvaro Vargas Llosa and Others Attending Pro-Liberty Forum
2009-05-18 Two Independent Institute Books Win 2009 “IPPY” Awards from Independent Publisher Magazine
2009-03-16 The Decline of American Liberalism
2009-03-10 Did the New Deal and World War II End the Great Depression?
2009-02-25 After a Six-Year Occupation, How Does the United States Leave Iraq?
2009-02-24 Causing the Housing Crisis All Over Again
2009-01-15 Stephen Halbrook To Testify Against Confirmation of Eric Holder for Attorney General at Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing
2009-01-15 Scholarship Applications Now Available for East Bay Students
2008-12-05 Think You Know Which Presidents Were Great and Why? Think Again!
2008-11-10 What Must Vietnam Do to Join the Asian Tigers?
2008-10-22 Alvaro Vargas Llosa Host of “Consecuencias: Latin America Uncovered”
2008-10-10 Independent Scholarship Fund Gives Bay Area Students an Alternative
2008-10-10 Independent Institute Announces Winners of Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest
2008-10-03 How and Why the Federal Government Created the Mortgage Meltdown
2008-09-12 Spanish-language Blog El Independent Receives One Millionth Visitor
2008-08-25 Independent Institute to Honor Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Andy Garcia, and William K. Bowes, Jr. at A Gala for Liberty in San Francisco