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News Releases

Date Title
9/14/2001 Did “Pork-Hawks” Compromise America’s Readiness Against Terror?
3/10/2009 Did the New Deal and World War II End the Great Depression?
2/22/2010 Does the 2nd Amendment Apply to the States?
9/20/2012 Dr. John C. Goodman, author of Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis Independent Institute’s Policy Forum in Oakland, CA
9/13/2004 Economist Benjamin Powell Joins Independent Institute to Head Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation
5/1/2004 Economist Links ”War on Drugs” to Increased Homicide Rate
11/14/2007 Economists Propose Proven Strategies for Eradicating Poverty
10/25/2016 Education Savings Accounts Offer New Hope for Students and Parents
10/24/2017 Education Savings Accounts Would Enable California’s K-12 Students to Thrive
11/7/2017 ELEVEN PRESIDENTS: Promises vs. Results in Achieving Limited Government
8/18/2014 EXPOSED: How the Explosion of Patent Litigation Threatens the U.S. Economy In the New Independent Institute Book
2/10/2010 FDA’s History Reveals Power Plays Produced No Health Benefits
10/1/2001 Federalization vs. Airport Security: “Fanatic” Answers Krugman
7/1/2002 Feminist Author Accepts Challenge from California Chapter of N.O.W.
1/10/2012 Financing Failure: A Century of Bailouts
2/20/2017 Five Steps to Improve the Environment, Reduce Cronyism and Corporate Welfare, and Bridge America’s Political Divide
1/31/2011 Florida Judge Rules Against ObamaCare
4/12/2017 Former Independent Institute Healthcare Expert John Graham Joins U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
5/30/2008 From Peru to Nigeria, Entrepreneurs are Battling Poverty
11/1/2013 Gun Control in the Third Reich
9/29/2014 Health Law Allows Big Firms to Offer Slim Health Benefits to Workers Who Have No Option of Obtaining More Coverage
11/6/2006 Higgs, Spillane Win Thomas Szasz Civil Liberties Awards
8/31/2009 Housing Market Rebound? Don't Bank On It
6/6/2007 How Americans Are Losing Both Freedom AND Security
10/3/2008 How and Why the Federal Government Created the Mortgage Meltdown
8/6/2008 How Private Money Ended a Financial Crisis
9/30/2014 How Well Does President Obama Compare with His Predecessors?
9/2/2009 Hurricane Season Sure to Devastate, Property Insurance Doesn't Have To
12/16/2003 Hussein’s Capture Fuels Anti-U.S. Insurgency in Iraq
9/25/2013 Immigration Caps Harm Small Business, New Study Finds
6/28/2010 In Landmark Ruling, Supreme Court Overturns Chicago Handgun Ban
10/10/2007 Independent Institute Announces 2007 Olive W. Garvey Fellowship Awards
1/6/2016 Independent Institute Announces Appointment of New Vice President and Chief Development Officer
5/23/2005 Independent Institute Announces New Center on Global Prosperity to Create Enterprise-Based Solutions to Poverty
8/1/2004 Independent Institute Announces Scholarships For 2004/2005 School Year
10/10/2008 Independent Institute Announces Winners of Templeton Fellowships Essay Contest
11/4/2015 Independent Institute Awarded Highest Fiscal Responsibility Rating for the 6th Year
5/20/2003 Independent Institute Challenges Davis on State Budget
2/4/2005 Independent Institute Economist Benjamin Powell Says Bush’s Economic Proposals Will Not Reduce Size of Government
1/30/2002 Independent Institute Expert Calls Bush’s $48B Defense Boost Request Excessive, Pork In Fatigues