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News Releases

Date Title
2004-09-13 Economist Benjamin Powell Joins Independent Institute to Head Center on Entrepreneurial Innovation
2004-09-14 New Book on Empire Building to Be Showcased at Reception on October 20
2004-10-01 New Book Challenges U.S. Policy Of “Preemptive” Wars and “Nation Building”
2004-11-01 New Study Examines Government-Created Alcohol Monopolies
2005-01-24 New Policy Report Suggests Confederation or Partition May Be Best Solution for Iraq
2005-02-01 New Book Examines Battles over Free Speech and Academic Freedom on American University Campuses
2005-02-04 Independent Institute Economist Benjamin Powell Says Bush’s Economic Proposals Will Not Reduce Size of Government
2005-02-15 Latin America’s Foremost Political Journalist Makes a Brilliant and Passionate Argument for Reform
2005-03-24 Constitutional Law Expert Says Schiavo Case Raises Important Issues about the Separation of Powers and Judicial Activism
2005-05-18 Supreme Court Lifts Ban on Wine Shipping
2005-05-23 Independent Institute Announces New Center on Global Prosperity to Create Enterprise-Based Solutions to Poverty
2005-06-29 U.S. Defense Policy Expert Ivan Eland says Bush Speech Fails to Offer Solutions for Iraq in Face of Escalating Insurgency
2005-07-01 Constitutional Law Expert William Watkins Says Justice O’Connor was Integral to Court’s Federalism Rulings
2005-07-08 National Security Expert Ivan Eland Says London and Madrid Bombings Work of al Qaeda
2005-07-11 New Book Examines Maze of Failed Environmental Policies
2005-10-12 New Book by the Foremost Authority on War and Government Power Examines Post-9/11 America
2005-10-19 Passage Of Iraq’s Constitution Likely To Inflame Sunni Insurgency
2005-10-28 Libby Indictment Has Far Reaching Implications for U.S. Intelligence Around the World
2005-11-10 Best-Selling Author Michael Crichton Questions The Lack Of Science Behind Environmental Policy At Independent Institute Forum
2006-01-18 New Book Critiques Profligate Spending on U.S. Farm Programs
2006-02-01 State of the Union
2006-02-07 Summer Seminar Offers Students Stimulating One-Week Class on Economics, Social Issues and Government
2006-02-23 New Book Unmasks Che Guevara as “Cold-blooded Killing Machine”
2006-03-22 The Challenge of Liberty
2006-04-04 New Report Says Restrictive Land-Use Rules Add Billions to Housing Costs
2006-04-04 Prophecy of Doom Warrants Censure, Not Celebration
2006-04-28 May 1st Immigrant Boycott Aims to Push Congress to Act
2006-05-17 Alvaro Vargas Llosa Writing Weekly Column in English and Spanish
2006-05-19 Collapse Of White Supremacy Gave Rise To Age Of White Guilt
2006-05-26 Is Conflict with China Inevitable?
2006-06-07 Is The U.S. Justice System Broken and Can It Be Fixed?
2006-06-19 500-Plus Economists Sign Open Letter Reminding President Bush of the Benefits of Immigration
2006-07-25 New Book Offers Solutions to Relieve Traffic Congestion and Enhance Highway Safety
2006-10-09 New Secretary of Transportation, Mary Peters, faces Transportation Safety and Congestion Issues
2006-10-16 National Security Expert Charles Peña Joins the Independent Institute to Address Escalating Terrorism and Nuclear Proliferation
2006-11-06 Higgs, Spillane Win Thomas Szasz Civil Liberties Awards
2006-11-06 New Book Dispels Myth that Wars Boost the Economy
2006-11-08 Alvaro Vargas Llosa Wins First Annual Juan Bautista Alberdi Award
2007-01-29 New Book Points to Brighter Future for Electricity Customers
2007-02-01 $1000 Popcorn Poppers