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The Independent Institute In The News

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Date Title
6/30/2014 “Iraqi Forces Go on the Offensive” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland, Author of Partitioning for Peace on Canada’s CTV
6/30/2014 “New Sanctions on Russia, and the Latest on Ukraine Situation” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland Interviewed on CCTV
6/29/2014 Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland, author of Partitioning for Peace appears on the Bob Zadek Radio Show on KKSF- San Francisco
6/27/2014 “A Federal Schizophrenia About Marijuana” Research Fellow Wendy McElroy in The Hill
6/27/2014 “Should Your City Run More Buses or Build Light Rail? Cato’s O’Toole Says More Buses” Research Fellow Art Carden Op-Ed in Forbes
6/26/2014 “‘Risky Business’ In Climate Change Policy” Sr. Fellow William F. Shughart II in Eurasia Review
6/26/2014 “Mechanisms of ‘Correcting’ Violence” Research Fellow Wendy McElroy Op-Ed in The Daily Bell
6/24/2014 “Dick Cheney’s Outrageous Statements” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland Op-Ed in The Huffington Post
6/23/2014 “Why the Too Big Export-Import Bank Should Be Allowed to Fail” Op-Ed by William Shughart in McClatchy Newspapers
6/23/2014 “Harm of minimum-wage laws is neglected and poorly understood” Out of Work: Unemployment and Government in 20th Century America by Richard Vedder and Lowell Gallaway cited in The Augusta Chronicle
6/23/2014 “Immigration And Mindless Partisanship” Research Fellow Anthony Gregory in Eurasia Review
6/23/2014 “The VA’s Unprecedented Attack On Whistleblowers” Research Fellow Wendy McElroy Op-Ed in The News Doctors
6/23/2014 “DebateTopic: Developing Ocean Resources” Sr. Fellow Randy T. Simmons, author of Beyond Politics: The Roots of Government Failure cited in NCPA Special Publication
6/20/2014 “Water: The Price Is Wrong” Op-Ed by Sr. Fellow Benjamin Powell in The Huffington Post
6/20/2014 “No More Intervention in Iraq” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland appears on Denver’s KLZ-AM radio
6/20/2014 “Ukrainian Truce?” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland appears on RT’s CrossTalk
6/20/2014 “New Insights Into Iraq” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland in Eurasia Review
6/19/2014 “Thoreau as a Lone Crazy” Research Fellow Wendy McElroy Op-Ed in The Daily Bell
6/19/2014 Sr. Fellow John R. Graham testifies before House Committee focusing on insurance company bailout provisions of Obamacare.
6/17/2014 “Enemies Of Enemies” By Research Fellow Anthony Gregory in Eurasia Review
6/17/2014 “No More U.S. Intervention in Iraq” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland Op-Ed in The Huffington Post
6/17/2014 “Freakonomics and Gun Buybacks” Research Fellow Alex Tabarrok quoted on Gunwatch
6/17/2014 “Scenes from the Political Economy: Scooter Regulation in Panama City, Florida” Research Fellow Art Carden in Library of Economics and Liberty’s EconLog
6/17/2014 William Watkins, author of Patent Trolls appears on XM Satellite radio’s Innovation Navigation show
6/16/2014 “World Cup Soccer’s Real Top Rivals: Nationalism versus Globalism” Research Fellow Gabriel Gasave in Eurasia Review
6/15/2014 “Talks on the Future of Ukraine” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland appears on CCTV
6/13/2014 “Redistribution Is Theft” Op-Ed by Research Fellow Dominick T. Armentano in American Thinker
6/13/2014 “Venezuela: Protesters’ Power Rising” Alvaro Vargas Llosa, Author of Global Crossings in National Interest
6/13/2014 “An exemplary spirit, &c.” Sr. Fellow Alvaro Vargas Llosa, author of Lessons from the Poor: Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit cited in National Review
6/13/2014 “Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act Worse Than Obamacare” Op-Ed by Burton Abrams, Author of The Terrible 10 in IBD
6/12/2014 “Do You Really Want to Be Correct?” Research Fellow Wendy McElroy Op-Ed in The Daily Bell
6/12/2014 “Does GOP Have Alternative To Obamacare?” Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, Author of Priceless Op-Ed in Forbes
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