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Date Title
5/19/2014 “Wendy McElroy on the New Normal, Victimless Crimes and Shifting Marijuana Laws” Research Fellow Wendy McElroy interviewed by The Daily Bell
5/16/2014 “A 2003 Law Blunts the Worst of Obamacare” Sr. Fellow John R. Graham Op-Ed in The Hill
5/15/2014 “Nanny State Lessons From A German Homeschooling Family” Research Fellow Vicki Alger Op-Ed in The Daily Caller
5/15/2014 “More Evidence Suggests Obamacare Is Not Driving Hospitals Bankrupt” Sr. Fellow John R. Graham in Eurasia Review
5/15/2014 “Obama is the 34th Best President Out of 41” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland, author of Recarving Rushmore on The Financial Survival Network
5/14/2014 “Why Did Health Spending Slow Down Before It Sped Up?” Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, author of Priceless in Psychology Today
5/14/2014 “Let’s Put Immigration in Its Proper American Context” Global Crossings By Alvaro Vargas Llosa is reviewed by Library of Law and Liberty
5/13/2014 “Public Hysteria Over Boko Haram May Be Counterproductive” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland Op-Ed in The Huffington Post
5/13/2014 “Public Hysteria over Boko Haram Kidnapping” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland appears on America Tonight with Kate Delaney
5/12/2014 “Can Obamacare Be Fixed?” Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, author of Priceless in
5/12/2014 “Sweatshops: Exploitation or Stepping Stone to Prosperity?” Sr. Fellow Ben Powell on The Bob Zadek Radio Show
5/10/2014 Gun Control in the Third Reich by Research Fellow Stephen P. Halbrook Is Reviewed at
5/10/2014 “Ukraine update” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland appears on CCTV
5/9/2014 Gun Control in the Third Reich by Research Fellow Stephen P. Halbrook Is Reviewed at
5/9/2014 “Natural Disasters Still Aren’t Good for the Economy” Research Fellow Art Carden Op-Ed in Forbes
5/9/2014 Gun Control in the Third Reich by Research Fellow Stephen P. Halbrook Is Reviewed at Right Side News
5/8/2014 “The Most Influential Man You Haven’t Heard Of” Research Fellow Wendy McElroy in The Daily Bell
5/8/2014 “Report: Nebraska should consider charter schools, other options; OPS head wants ‘apples to apples’ comparison” Research Fellow Vicki Alger cited in The Omaha World Herald
5/8/2014 “The Dirty History of Habeas Corpus” The Power of Habeas Corpus in America by Research Fellow Anthony Gregory is reviewed in American Conservative
5/7/2014 “Russia/Ukraine update” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland appears on CTV
5/6/2014 “Ron Paul’s definitive speech on liberty” Ron Paul event video Liberty Defined: The Future of Freedom in blog
5/6/2014 “From our friends at the Independent Institute – Dr. Ron Paul “Liberty Defined: The Future of Freedom” (Video)” on
5/6/2014 “Defining liberty: The future of freedom” Ron Paul event featured on
5/6/2014 “Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Improvement” Ivan Eland, Author of Recarving Rushmore in The Huffington Post
5/6/2014 “Do You Remember the Sixties?” Sr. Fellow Robert Higgs in
5/6/2014 “Liberty Defined” Ron Paul event video featured on Pileus Blog and Front Porch Republic Blog and BlackPowderBill’s Blog
5/5/2014 “Behold! The Most Epic Book You’ll Ever Read,” by Alex Sher (This is KC)
5/5/2014 “You Can’t Buy Insurance Until Next November” Sr. Fellow John C. Goodman, Author of Priceless in TownHall
5/5/2014 “Inmigración (X): por la libertad de movilidad laboral” Global Crossings By Sr. Fellow Alvaro Vargas Llosa mentioned in
5/2/2014 “Report: ‘Charter Forests’ Key to Stopping Massive Wildfires” Sr. Fellow Robert H. Nelson Op-Ed cited on
5/2/2014 “Robert Reich Stands on Soapbox at Students’ Expense” Research Assistant Adriana Vazquez Op-Ed in Flash Report
5/2/2014 “Not Many Options for NATO, U.S.” Sr. Fellow Ivan Eland on Canada’s CTV
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