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Trump Immigrant Rhetoric Relies on Statistical Outliers
Michael Coon | November 13, 2017

Anti Price Gouging Laws Don’t Benefit Consumers
Michael Coon | September 13, 2017

Feds Should Focus Less on Fixing Immigrants and More on Fixing the Law
Michael Coon | August 28, 2017

Market Based Environmentalism vs. the Free Market
Roy E. Cordato | June 4, 1997

New Regulations May Have Driven Recent Recession
Manuel C. Cosme | October 13, 2003

Does Wal-Mart Reduce Social Capital?
Charles Courtemanche | December 22, 2008

Steps to Take to Resolve Crime Lab Problems
There Needs to be a Wall of Separation Between Forensic Science and Law Enforcement

E. James Cowan | May 21, 2012

How U.S. Police Came to Look Like Soldiers
Christopher J. Coyne | May 26, 2015

Globalization Rocks, but African Leaders Fail to Understand It: Response to Tanzanian President Mkapa
Franklin Cudjoe | December 12, 2005

Globalization Rocks, but African Leaders Fail to Understand It
Franklin Cudjoe | November 7, 2005

Shiites Press for a Partition of Iraq
Creating federal regions would curb the violence, backers say. Others see it as a grab at oil wealth.

Borzou Daragahi | August 9, 2006

Trials and Tribulations of a Hybrid System
Anthony de Jasay | October 31, 2008

Why Does College Cost So Much?
Matthew Denhart | December 9, 2011

The 5 Best Libertarian Blogs on the Web
Joseph S. Diedrich | August 11, 2013

Bush’s Steel Tariffs Not the First Instance of Hypocrisy on Free Trade
Ariel Dillon | November 14, 2003

Homeschooling Must Be Decriminalized: Parents Really Do Know Best
Ariel Dillon | September 18, 2003

Will Reimportation Lower Prescription Drug Prices?
Ariel Dillon | August 20, 2003

More Lies and Sophistry
Thomas J. DiLorenzo | June 17, 2002

Constitutional Con Men
Thomas J. DiLorenzo | May 15, 2002

Jaffa’s Hitlerian Defense of Lincoln
Thomas J. DiLorenzo | May 10, 2002

Death by Government
Thomas J. DiLorenzo | March 1, 1999

The Feds versus the Indians
Thomas J. DiLorenzo | January 1, 1998

Life, Liberty, and Pizza Delivery
Thomas J. DiLorenzo | May 1, 1997

The Truth About the G.I. Bill
Thomas J. DiLorenzo | January 1, 1997

Corporate Welfare for the Plaintiffs’ Bar
Thomas J. DiLorenzo | June 6, 1996

California Tobacco Tax Created a Pork Barrel
Thomas J. DiLorenzo | September 18, 1994

How to Pick Our Leaders: Should We Try a Lottery?
Dick Dougherty | January 7, 1999

Why I Am Voting for Brexit
Kevin Dowd | June 27, 2016

Will Free Speech Prevail on Campus?
Donald A. Downs | November 7, 2017

Should Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Rescind Obama-era Guidelines on Campus Sexual Assault Enforcement?
Yes: Time to End Kangaroo Court Tribunals

Donald A. Downs | September 25, 2017

Hillary’s Vow Shows She Has No Understanding of the First Amendment
Donald A. Downs | August 29, 2016

Ethically, Yes, It’s Time to Shut Down the Shouter-Downers
Donald A. Downs | June 1, 2015

‘Trigger Warnings’ Shackle Free Flow of Ideas Vital to Higher Education
Donald A. Downs | July 9, 2014

A Commission that Should Cause Concern
Donald A. Downs | February 27, 2008

Free Speech on Campus: Under Attack from Both Directions?
Donald A. Downs | March 28, 2005

Badger Herald Takes Bold, Courageous Free Speech Stand
Donald A. Downs | March 20, 2001

Paying the Price for Free Speech
Donald A. Downs | March 19, 2001

How Freedom, Innovation, and Incentives Do a Better Job at Building Society than Can Government
Timothy C. Draper | September 11, 2017

Spain Should Let the Catalans Decide Their Own Future
Ivan Eland | October 23, 2017

National Defense Authorization Act Should Not Be Sacrosanct
Ivan Eland | October 12, 2017

Afghanistan: The Only Good Strategy Is an Expiring One
Ivan Eland | September 6, 2017

Congress Needs to Assert the War Power Against a Dangerous President
Ivan Eland | August 20, 2017

We Have Lost the War in Afghanistan. We Should Get Out Now
Ivan Eland | August 14, 2017

Too Important for Trump’s Generals
Ivan Eland | August 4, 2017

Despite the Pall of Scandal, Some Incremental Progress during the Trump Administration
Ivan Eland | July 27, 2017

The Presidency and Country Have Sunk to New Lows
Ivan Eland | July 17, 2017

What about Trump’s Campaign Promise of ‘America First’?
Ivan Eland | July 6, 2017

Potential Savings in the Defense Budget
Ivan Eland | July 1, 2017

Tr(i)ump(h) in Saudi Arabia?
Ivan Eland | June 19, 2017

Did the Outcome of the French Election Merely Postpone Le Pen?
Ivan Eland | May 22, 2017