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Date Title Author(s)
7/12/2000 Missile Defense Test Obscures Tough Issues Ivan Eland
7/30/2000 ESOPing Schools Chelsea Mao
7/31/2000 Crying Wolf: The Navy Does Not Need More Subs Ivan Eland
8/1/2000 Economists’ Misplaced Faith in an Invisible Hand Daniel B. Klein
8/24/2000 Let the Defense Debate Begin Ivan Eland
8/25/2000 Justice Dethroned Paul Craig Roberts
8/28/2000 Sure, the North Pole is Melting. So What? S. Fred Singer
8/30/2000 Politicians’ Abuse of the Working Class Paul Craig Roberts
9/5/2000 A Hollow Military Debate in the Presidential Election Ivan Eland
9/8/2000 Missile Defense: Delay Is Not Abandonment Ivan Eland
9/11/2000 Don’t Pull the Plug on AOL Time Warner Stan J. Liebowitz
Stephen E. Margolis
9/22/2000 The Feds Eye Firestone Michael I. Krauss
10/1/2000 Does Rape Violate the Commerce Clause of the Constitution? Wendy McElroy
10/6/2000 Serbia’s Revolt: U.S. Role Hasn’t Helped Ivan Eland
10/20/2000 In Praise of Tax Cuts for “the Rich” Alexander T. Tabarrok
11/2/2000 Gore Plays the Global Warming Card S. Fred Singer
11/3/2000 The ABCs of Mississippi’s State-Run Liquor Monopoly William F. Shughart II
11/3/2000 Deconstructing the Second Amendment Stephen P. Halbrook
11/5/2000 Were the Founding Fathers in Favor of Gun Ownership? Stephen P. Halbrook
11/6/2000 Education Reforms Typically Ignore Root Causes John D. Merrifield
11/14/2000 No One Noticed, but President Did the Right Thing Ivan Eland
11/17/2000 Presidents, Courts, and the “Political Questions Doctrine” Rob Latham
11/25/2000 Off-Label Prescribing of Drugs Calls FDA Role into Question Scott Esposito
11/28/2000 Californians Need More Utility Deregulation, Not Less Scott Esposito
11/30/2000 Social Security, Privatization, and Market Crashes Alexander T. Tabarrok
12/1/2000 The Self-Imposed Poverty of Economics Tibor R. Machan
David M. Brown
12/7/2000 December 7, 1941: A Setup from the Beginning Robert B. Stinnett
12/10/2000 Microsoft Findings Rely on Dispelled Myths Stan J. Liebowitz
12/21/2000 William F. Shughart II
1/1/2001 Legal Child Abuse Wendy McElroy
1/5/2001 The Marines’ Osprey Is a Taxpayer Albatross Ivan Eland
1/12/2001 Will Federal Express Deliver USPS From Upheaval? Scott Esposito
1/19/2001 An Energy Policy in Bellbottoms Robert J. Michaels
1/26/2001 Deal with FedEx is a Good Omen for USPS Scott Esposito
1/30/2001 Painting the Town . . . with Lawsuits Michael I. Krauss
2/4/2001 Weaponry or Waste? Ivan Eland
2/7/2001 Institute Responds to “Trust Us, We’re Experts” Authors’ Fantasy Rob Latham
2/13/2001 Which Weapons Should President Bush Skip? Ivan Eland
2/19/2001 A Moral Solution to the Organ Shortage Alexander T. Tabarrok
2/28/2001 Is There Charity After Death? Randall G. Holcombe
3/1/2001 Gender Madness on Columbia’s Campus Wendy McElroy
3/7/2001 Tough Health Care Choices: Should the Government Do Triage? Roger D. Feldman
3/9/2001 Let Qualified People Teach Richard K. Vedder
3/19/2001 Paying the Price for Free Speech Donald A. Downs
3/20/2001 Badger Herald Takes Bold, Courageous Free Speech Stand Donald A. Downs
3/25/2001 Traffic’s Lessons Jeffrey A. Miron
4/17/2001 Drug Price Controls Will Hurt Consumers James W. Meehan Jr.
4/18/2001 Rumsfeld vs. the Pentagon: Is the F-22 at Stake? Ivan Eland
4/22/2001 Politics and IRS Audit Rates William F. Shughart II
Marilyn Young
Michael Reksulak
5/2/2001 Go Slow on Missile Defense Ivan Eland

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