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Date Title Author(s)
1/14/2000 Hey, Remember Microsoft? Stan J. Liebowitz
1/17/2000 The AOL Impact Stan J. Liebowitz
1/18/2000 The Beauty of a Parallel Currency 2 Steve H. Hanke
1/20/2000 Barry McCaffrey Should Resign Alexander T. Tabarrok
1/24/2000 Should U.S. Missile Defense Be Limited to a Ground-Based Systems? Ivan Eland
1/28/2000 Should Microsoft Be Broken Up? Stan J. Liebowitz
2/1/2000 A Webb of Lies Wendy McElroy
2/2/2000 No Go from the NGA William F. Shughart II
2/3/2000 Global Warming Scam S. Fred Singer
2/17/2000 Resist Giving FBI More Authority in Cyberspace Ivan Eland
2/28/2000 The Anti-Entitlement Revolution Carl P. Close
3/13/2000 The Future of the Automobile: Electric Vehicles are on their Way S. Fred Singer
3/16/2000 The Danger of Unstable Oil Prices S. Fred Singer
3/23/2000 Gas Prices, Gas Taxes and Saddam Hussein William F. Shughart II
4/1/2000 The Microsoft Case: Divestiture Won’t Help Consumers Dominick T. Armentano
4/1/2000 Warming up for Gore S. Fred Singer
4/12/2000 Private K-12 Education: Society’s Best Investment Alexander T. Tabarrok
4/17/2000 Global Warming Will Lower Sea Levels S. Fred Singer
4/22/2000 Debt Relief or Trade Relief? Alexander T. Tabarrok
4/25/2000 The Anti-Entrepreneurs Alexander T. Tabarrok
4/28/2000 Right Tactics, Wrong Causes Wendy McElroy
4/30/2000 Media Coverage of the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of Vietnam Rewrites History Ivan Eland
5/1/2000 Trust and Privacy on the Net Daniel B. Klein
5/6/2000 Insufficient Response to Terrorism Ivan Eland
5/7/2000 From Hero to Despot, and the World Watches in Silence George B. N. Ayittey
5/22/2000 Drug Price Controls: A “Cure” Worse Than the Disease Alexander T. Tabarrok
5/24/2000 Foundation Funding in the Marketplace for Ideas Randall G. Holcombe
6/1/2000 Constitutional Intentions Wendy McElroy
6/1/2000 George W. Bush’s Vision for Nuclear Security: Vestiges of the Cold War Ivan Eland
6/13/2000 No-Tech Rules for the High-tech Economy Stephen E. Margolis
6/13/2000 An Open Letter to George W. Bush on Antitrust Policy Dominick T. Armentano
6/19/2000 What Will Congress Do About New CIA-Drug Revelations? Peter Dale Scott
6/23/2000 Snuff This Lawsuit Out Michael I. Krauss
6/27/2000 The New England Journal of Medicine—To Whom Is It Accountable? Paul H. Rubin
6/29/2000 “A Challenge to Oracle”: The Wall Street Journal Letters to the Editor David J. Theroux
6/29/2000 Larry Meets Terry
6/29/2000 Recommendations from Terrorism Commission Belong in the Circular File Ivan Eland
7/1/2000 A Competitor for the Fed? Lawrence H. White
7/1/2000 Sweatshops: Look for the INS Label Wendy McElroy
7/10/2000 Napster and a Case for Strong Encryption Noel D. Campbell
7/10/2000 Does Physician Licensing Serve a Useful Purpose? Shirley V. Svorny
7/12/2000 Missile Defense Test Obscures Tough Issues Ivan Eland
7/30/2000 ESOPing Schools Chelsea Mao
7/31/2000 Crying Wolf: The Navy Does Not Need More Subs Ivan Eland
8/1/2000 Economists’ Misplaced Faith in an Invisible Hand Daniel B. Klein
8/24/2000 Let the Defense Debate Begin Ivan Eland
8/25/2000 Justice Dethroned Paul Craig Roberts
8/28/2000 Sure, the North Pole is Melting. So What? S. Fred Singer
8/30/2000 Politicians’ Abuse of the Working Class Paul Craig Roberts
9/5/2000 A Hollow Military Debate in the Presidential Election Ivan Eland

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