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Date Title Author(s)
4/28/1999 Statistics Show How New Deal Tactics Prolong Depressions Bruce Ramsey
5/1/1999 An Ideology Whose Name We Dare Not Speak Ray Lehmann
5/11/1999 Kosovo Intervention Highlights European Free Riding Ivan Eland
5/15/1999 Cryptography Versus Big Brother Alexander T. Tabarrok
5/27/1999 Even if NATO “Wins” a Kosovo Ground War, It Loses Ivan Eland
5/29/1999 NATO Marching to Lose-Lose Situation Ivan Eland
6/1/1999 Cities Can Fight Crime Without Becoming Police States Ray Lehmann
6/3/1999 Chinese Nuclear Espionage: Is the Hysteria Warranted? Ivan Eland
6/8/1999 Respite From the Regulators? S. Fred Singer
6/8/1999 Democracy on the Rise Robert D. Tollison
Robert McCormick
William F. Shughart II
6/10/1999 Where Kids and Guns Do Mix Stephen P. Halbrook
6/10/1999 Guns, Crime, and the Swiss Stephen P. Halbrook
6/15/1999 Bring on the Bounty Hunters Alexander T. Tabarrok
7/1/1999 War’s Other Casualty Wendy McElroy
7/7/1999 President in Denial on Solution to Catastrophic Terrorism Ivan Eland
7/23/1999 The Costs of Kosovo Robert Higgs
7/26/1999 F-22—A Needed Fighter . . . Or a Fantasy? Ivan Eland
7/28/1999 Are U.S. Government Efforts in Counterproliferation Counterproductive? Ivan Eland
8/1/1999 The Immorality of Antitrust Law Dominick T. Armentano
8/1/1999 The Bathtub, Mencken, and War Wendy McElroy
8/1/1999 Electricity Deregulation Lawrence J. McQuillan
8/13/1999 Internet Encryption and the Second Amendment Alexander T. Tabarrok
8/20/1999 The Benefits of Privatized Crime Control Bruce L. Benson
8/26/1999 The Truth About Marketplace Battles Lee Gomes
9/7/1999 It’s California versus the Feds on Medical Marijuana Alexander T. Tabarrok
9/16/1999 A “Grand Deal” on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: A Faustian Bargain Ivan Eland
9/19/1999 Winners, Losers & Microsoft Strikes a Sensitive Nerve David J. Theroux
9/19/1999 U.S. Arrogance, Intervention Fuel Anti-American Terrorist Attacks Ivan Eland
9/21/1999 Why Microsoft Wins Investor’s Business Daily
9/22/1999 Speakers Defend “Rights” To Bear Arms Sharon Lerman
9/22/1999 Death by a Thousand Cuts: Small Operations Such as East Timor Can Tax U.S. Forces Ivan Eland
9/28/1999 Art and State: The Case for Separation Wendy McElroy
9/28/1999 Corrupt Justice Paul Craig Roberts
10/12/1999 Ghosts of the Cold War Ivan Eland
10/19/1999 Panama Canal Stirs Cold Warriors Ivan Eland
10/25/1999 Do Campaign Contributions Corrupt Politics? Jeffrey Milyo
10/25/1999 A Primer on the Social Security Crisis Alexander T. Tabarrok
11/1/1999 Is the Constitution Antiquated? Wendy McElroy
11/8/1999 Misjudging Microsoft Stan J. Liebowitz
11/8/1999 Microsoft Judge’s Findings of Fantasy Stan J. Liebowitz
11/11/1999 Our Overwatched Society Paul Craig Roberts
11/14/1999 Microsoft Serves the People’s Choice Stan J. Liebowitz
11/15/1999 Microsoft and Software Prices Stan J. Liebowitz
11/28/1999 Social Engineering by Legal Brief Doug Bandow
12/1/1999 Judge Posner and the Topsy-Turvy World of Antitrust Law Alexander T. Tabarrok
12/1/1999 The Collectivist Illusion Tibor R. Machan
12/2/1999 Education and the Digital Divide Alexander T. Tabarrok
12/10/1999 Take Technicality Out of Miranda Paul G. Cassell
12/13/1999 Anarchism: Two Kinds Wendy McElroy
12/14/1999 Taxing the Internet William F. Shughart II

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