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Date Title Author(s)
7/1/1998 Promise Keepers Peter Spencer
7/1/1998 We’ve Earned a Peace Dividend Ivan Eland
7/13/1998 Catastrophic Terrorism: Clinton is Missing the Point Ivan Eland
7/24/1998 The U.S. Military: Overextended Overseas Ivan Eland
8/1/1998 Individualist Feminism: The Lost Tradition Wendy McElroy
8/22/1998 Allow People To Invest Their Social Security Funds Richard K. Vedder
8/31/1998 Higher Education at Lower Cost Richard K. Vedder
9/1/1998 Antitrust and Microsoft Dominick T. Armentano
9/2/1998 Terrorism: Cohen’s Terrifying Trade-Off Ivan Eland
9/4/1998 “Inappropriate” Hardly the Right Word Tibor R. Machan
9/4/1998 Uncanny Parallels Between ’20s and ’90s Richard K. Vedder
Lowell E. Gallaway
9/23/1998 Hike Military Funding? Ivan Eland
10/1/1998 Gertrude B. Kelly: A Forgotton Feminist Wendy McElroy
10/1/1998 C. S. Lewis on Mere Science Michael D. Aeschliman
10/5/1998 Reality Check Robert H. Nelson
10/7/1998 The U.S. Government Is Endangering Ivan Eland
10/20/1998 Bill Gates’ Secret? Better Products Stan J. Liebowitz
10/29/1998 Prop. 10: Predatory Taxation Ray Lehmann
11/9/1998 Imperial Rule: Distant and Out Of Touch, the IMF Ruins Economies Great and Small Alan Reynolds
12/1/1998 The Spanish-American War: The Leap into Overseas Empire Joseph R. Stromberg
12/1/1998 C. S. Lewis in the Public Square Richard John Neuhaus
12/2/1998 What Led to the Civil War? Walter E. Williams
12/9/1998 A Political Kidnapping Paul Craig Roberts
12/11/1998 The Good News On Lost Factory Jobs Jim Christie
12/13/1998 The Urge to Merge Tamara Lytle
12/22/1998 Superfluous NATO Orange County Register
1/1/1999 On Airports and Individual Rights Tibor R. Machan
1/7/1999 How to Pick Our Leaders: Should We Try a Lottery? Dick Dougherty
1/8/1999 Microsoft Ruling Likely to Hurt Consumers Stephen E. Margolis
1/8/1999 The Euro and Economics Orange County Register
1/8/1999 Military Spending Hike Is Simply a Gift to Special Interests Ivan Eland
1/8/1999 Holiday Cheer at the Pentagon Ivan Eland
2/1/1999 The Life of a Grand Old Liberal Wendy McElroy
2/1/1999 The Worst Idea Since Government-Run Health Care Alexander T. Tabarrok
2/1/1999 Distrust and Verify Dwight R. Lee
J. R. Clark
2/1/1999 The Private Use of Public Policy Paul Craig Roberts
2/18/1999 Browser-Beaten John R. Wilke
2/19/1999 How to Make the Dollar Argentina’s Currency Steve H. Hanke
2/26/1999 Reasons for Restraint Ivan Eland
3/1/1999 Death by Government Thomas J. DiLorenzo
3/9/1999 Global Cop Role Carries Risk Ivan Eland
3/17/1999 Dow Jones Industrials Touch 10,000....What Does It Mean? Mary Kane
4/1/1999 Scientists Beware Bruce L. Benson
4/1/1999 The Commons: Tragedy or Triumph? Bruce Yandle
4/3/1999 The QWERTY Myth The Economist
4/5/1999 Congress Shall Have the Power to Make War Alexander T. Tabarrok
4/5/1999 America Doesn’t Need Three New Fighter Planes Ivan Eland
4/20/1999 What if Congress Declared War? Investor’s Business Daily
4/20/1999 Does Money Corrupt? Investor’s Business Daily
4/23/1999 Chronicles of Earthy Hyperbole S. Fred Singer

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