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Date Title Author(s)
5/1/1997 The Bloody Hinge of American History Robert Higgs
5/9/1997 Can Nuclear Weapons Be Scrapped? Robert Higgs
5/29/1997 Guns and Our Freedom Charley Reese
6/4/1997 Market Based Environmentalism vs. the Free Market Roy E. Cordato
6/4/1997 The Futility of Campaign Finance Reform Robert Higgs
6/10/1997 The Business of Business Tibor R. Machan
7/1/1997 Trick or Treaty: An Energy Tax in Disguise S. Fred Singer
7/1/1997 Communitarians and Slavery Tibor R. Machan
7/7/1997 Religion as Taught in the Public Schools Robert H. Nelson
7/18/1997 Flat Tax More Family-Friendly Richard K. Vedder
7/30/1997 Congress Picks Your Pocket For Your Own Good William F. Shughart II
8/25/1997 Fire and Brimstone Robert H. Nelson
8/27/1997 Devaluations Don’t Bring Prosperity Alan Reynolds
M. L. Burstein
10/1/1997 Transit’s Transition from Socialism Daniel B. Klein
Adrian T. Moore
Binyam Reja
10/1/1997 Free Trade to Benefit the Many, Not Fair Trade to Benefit the Few Dwight R. Lee
10/3/1997 In Extreme Excess: The Budget “Deal” That Really Isn’t- No Matter What the Politicians Say William F. Shughart II
11/3/1997 A Broader Definition of Defense Pork is Needed Ivan Eland
11/3/1997 Putting the Pentagon on a Low-Fat Diet Ivan Eland
11/23/1997 Higher Defense Spending Would Be a Huge Waste of Money Ivan Eland
12/1/1997 Divided We Stand, United We Fall Richard K. Vedder
12/1/1997 The Efficiency of Natural Rights Wendy McElroy
12/1/1997 Paparazzi and Public Property Tibor R. Machan
12/26/1997 Desperate Cases Make Bad Public Policy Tibor R. Machan
1/1/1998 The Feds versus the Indians Thomas J. DiLorenzo
1/1/1998 Democracy Would Doom Hong Kong John T. Wenders
1/1/1998 A Military Strike Against Iraq: Merely Saving Face Ivan Eland
1/2/1998 Failure of African Leadership on the Continent George B. N. Ayittey
1/7/1998 Exploding the Environmental Myths of 1997 S. Fred Singer
1/7/1998 Scientists Agree: Warming is Natural S. Fred Singer
1/11/1998 Safety and Wealth Thomas Sowell
2/1/1998 The Non-Absurdity of Natural Law Wendy McElroy
2/1/1998 Economic Freedom and Economic Growth Randall G. Holcombe
2/1/1998 Campaign Finance: The Symptom, Not the Problem John T. Wenders
2/1/1998 The Terrorist Retaliation U.S. Risks in Attacking Saddam Ivan Eland
2/3/1998 The Costs of NATO Expansion Ivan Eland
2/18/1998 A Currency Board Beats IMF Rx Kurt A. Schuler
3/1/1998 Lying Government Ads Tibor R. Machan
3/1/1998 Social Security Can Be Good for Your Health Dwight R. Lee
3/10/1998 Internet Shakes Up Complacent Press David O. Sacks
Peter A. Thiel
3/13/1998 The IMF’s Big Wealth Transfer David O. Sacks
Peter A. Thiel
4/20/1998 Schizophrenic Christians Robert H. Nelson
4/24/1998 Capitalism Has Won The Battles, So Why Hasn’t It Won The War? Charles Oliver
5/1/1998 Nuclear Rapport with India, Pakistan Beats Hostility Ivan Eland
5/18/1998 No More Central Banks Kurt A. Schuler
6/1/1998 Sex and State Wendy McElroy
6/1/1998 Statistics: A Vehicle for Collectivist Mischief John T. Wenders
6/9/1998 Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia Ivan Eland
6/12/1998 Adjusting to Iraq—and Reality Ivan Eland
6/22/1998 Congress Still Hooked on Tobacco William F. Shughart II
6/22/1998 New Legs For The Bull Market Paul Craig Roberts

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