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Date Title Author(s)
11/14/1995 On Tax Reform, Learn From the States Richard K. Vedder
11/29/1995 Chile and New Zealand—Models for U.S. Reform Robert Higgs
11/29/1995 Prescription Pot Medicine Jim Christie
12/1/1995 In Search of Diversity David O. Sacks
12/20/1995 FDA’s Tobacco Campaign—A Red Herring Robert Higgs
12/22/1995 Budget Deals & Government by Make-Believe Robert Higgs
12/26/1995 Sexual Revolution’s Puritan Perplexities Peter A. Thiel
David O. Sacks
1/1/1996 Teen Smoking and the FDA Dominick T. Armentano
1/1/1996 Dysfunctional Democracy William C. Mitchell
Randy T. Simmons
1/1/1996 Wolf Recovery Carl P. Close
1/1/1996 Reich’s Creative Counting Richard K. Vedder
1/1/1996 C. S. Lewis and the Materialist Menace John G. West Jr.
2/11/1996 Anthology of 1995’s Environmental Myths S. Fred Singer
2/15/1996 The Cost of Multiculturalism Peter A. Thiel
David O. Sacks
3/1/1996 Reform Is Not Possible? Robert Higgs
3/1/1996 Prosperity Without Pollution John Semmens
4/21/1996 Gun-Liability Lawsuits Aim At the Wrong Target Bruce H. Kobayashi
5/1/1996 The Welfare State: Promising Protection in an Age of Anxiety Robert Higgs
5/6/1996 Poor Before Welfare David T. Beito
5/26/1996 A Chinese Word to Remember: “Laogai” Harry Wu
5/30/1996 Tilting At Toy Windmills Dominick T. Armentano
6/6/1996 Corporate Welfare for the Plaintiffs’ Bar Thomas J. DiLorenzo
6/17/1996 Public Relations 101: Cardinal Vices Peter A. Thiel
David O. Sacks
6/21/1996 The Madness of the Minimum Wage Robert Higgs
6/24/1996 Bruce Babbitt, Pipeline to the Almighty Robert H. Nelson
8/1/1996 Can Washington Change? Randy T. Simmons
8/8/1996 A Real Cause of Economic Anxiety Robert Higgs
8/16/1996 Vouchers: Can They Save Our Schools? Richard K. Vedder
8/23/1996 Teachers’ Unions Thwart Real Reform in U.S. Public Schools Richard K. Vedder
8/23/1996 A Dopey War on Drugs Orange County Register
8/23/1996 Keep the Violent Ones Behind Bars Valley Morning Star
9/1/1996 The Case Against Affirmative Action David O. Sacks
Peter A. Thiel
9/11/1996 Drug Wars: A Military Fix for a Public-Health Crisis Minneapolis Star-Tribune
10/16/1996 Why the Welfare Reform Will Fail Robert Higgs
12/1/1996 Privatizing the Federal Student Loan Program C. Ronald Kimberling
12/6/1996 Don’t Look Now, but the U.S. Ship Is Sinking Paul Craig Roberts
1/1/1997 The Truth About the G.I. Bill Thomas J. DiLorenzo
1/1/1997 Government and Governance Fred E. Foldvary
1/1/1997 Teen Smoking: The New Prohibition Dominick T. Armentano
1/20/1997 Market Reform—Idiocy, Myth and Reality Alvaro Vargas Llosa
1/29/1997 Immigration: The Solution, Not the Problem Richard K. Vedder
1/30/1997 Charging Our Way to Better Immigrants Lowell E. Gallaway
Richard K. Vedder
2/1/1997 Law, Custom, and the Commons Randy T. Simmons
2/3/1997 The GOP Should Zero in on Protecting Our Rights Paul Craig Roberts
2/3/1997 Time to Cut Government a Smaller Slice of the Pie Paul Craig Roberts
2/5/1997 A New Device to Curb Big Government Robert Higgs
Earl R. Brubaker
3/1/1997 Confession of a Compliant Taxpayer Dwight R. Lee
4/1/1997 The Entrepreneur on the Heroic Journey Dwight R. Lee
Candace Allen
5/1/1997 Life, Liberty, and Pizza Delivery Thomas J. DiLorenzo
5/1/1997 No More “Great Presidents” Robert Higgs

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