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Date Title Author(s)
6/14/1993 Let’s Abolish All the Labor Monopolies David J. Theroux
10/3/1993 Reviving California Richard K. Vedder
10/25/1993 Immigrants are Scapegoats for Welfare Costs Jim Christie
12/1/1993 What Should Economists Do? Robert Higgs
12/9/1993 N.Y. Film Critic Blasts Industry’s Ugly Portrayal of American Life Karen Hershenson
1/1/1994 Jobs and Plant-Closing Legislation: What to Expect Richard K. Vedder
Lowell E. Gallaway
3/18/1994 Safety Net Keeps Unemployment High Paul Craig Roberts
3/28/1994 Immigration Doesn’t Displace Natives Richard K. Vedder
4/1/1994 The Job Myth Richard K. Vedder
6/12/1994 The Tragedy of the Commons David J. Theroux
9/18/1994 California Tobacco Tax Created a Pork Barrel Thomas J. DiLorenzo
12/1/1994 Peace on Earth Robert Higgs
12/1/1994 The Struggle for Liberty Robert Higgs
12/3/1994 The Ominous, New Cognitive Elite Charles A. Murray
12/21/1994 Medical Device Regulations Unneeded Robert Higgs
1/1/1995 Will Clinton Be A Good Neighbor? Jim Christie
1/1/1995 Markets Key to Saving Our Endangered Species Randy T. Simmons
1/1/1995 Back to Work Lowell E. Gallaway
Richard K. Vedder
1/26/1995 Crime and Punishment Charles Belle
2/1/1995 How FDR Made the Depression Worse Robert Higgs
2/1/1995 American Foreign Policy: The Turning Point, 1898-1919 Ralph Raico
2/6/1995 A Strong Defense Against Whom? Robert Higgs
2/12/1995 In Their Own Back Yard: Property Rights Jim Christie
2/14/1995 PBS Promotes Agenda of a Minority Faction Tibor R. Machan
3/1/1995 The Myth of “Failed” Policies Robert Higgs
3/2/1995 The N.C. Soft Drink Tax Must Go! Ernest C. Pasour Jr.
3/13/1995 Let’s Can Voinovich’s Soft Drink Tax! Lowell E. Gallaway
3/17/1995 Federal “Entitlements” Must Be Slashed Robert Higgs
3/29/1995 Government Failure: Who Benefits? Robert Higgs
4/20/1995 The Vietnam War and the Drug War Robert Higgs
5/1/1995 Rating the Poverty Rate Lowell E. Gallaway
5/1/1995 A Friendly View of Dealing Tibor R. Machan
5/18/1995 Public Health vs. Bureaucratic Self-Interest Robert Higgs
5/19/1995 To Keep and Bear Arms Stephen P. Halbrook
7/1/1995 What Does Affirmative Action Affirm? Wendy McElroy
7/15/1995 Finding the Permanent in the Political: C. S. Lewis as a Political Thinker John G. West Jr.
8/9/1995 Will Big Business Thwart the Republican Revolution? Robert Higgs
8/10/1995 Power-Hungry FDA Is Hazardous to Our Health Robert Higgs
9/1/1995 Free Market Economists: 400 Years Ago Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
9/1/1995 College Sticker Price: $100,000, Education Optional David O. Sacks
Peter A. Thiel
9/1/1995 How the West Was Lost at Stanford Peter A. Thiel
David O. Sacks
9/5/1995 Can We Reignite the Revolution? Tibor R. Machan
9/22/1995 Is Microsoft a Threat? Stan J. Liebowitz
Stephen E. Margolis
9/25/1995 Freshman Disorientation David O. Sacks
Peter A. Thiel
9/29/1995 Tax Collector for the Nanny State William F. Shughart II
10/9/1995 Tuition $100,000, Education Optional David O. Sacks
Peter A. Thiel
10/12/1995 Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day David O. Sacks
Peter A. Thiel
10/20/1995 An Open Letter to President Casper David O. Sacks
Peter A. Thiel
10/30/1995 Is the Republican Revolution a Dud? Robert Higgs
11/7/1995 The Health Risks of Censorship Paul H. Rubin

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