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Featured Books
Pope Francis and the Caring Society
Robert M. Whaples (Editor)

An analysis of Pope Francis and the issues he has raised, examining the intersection of religion, politics, and economics.
China’s Great Migration: How the Poor Built a Prosperous Nation
Bradley M. Gardner

How did internal migration from rural areas to cities contribute to China's economic miracle?
Vicki E. Alger Vicki E. Alger
David T. Beito David T. Beito
Regulation, Privatization
Ivan Eland Ivan Eland
National Security, Terrorism
Bradley M. Gardner Bradley M. Gardner
International Economics
John C. Goodman John C. Goodman
Stephen P. Halbrook Stephen P. Halbrook
Constitutional Law, Gun Control
Abigail R. Hall Abigail R. Hall
Civil and Economic Liberty
Lawrence McQuillan Lawrence McQuillan
Economics, Public Pensions, Water Policy
Robert P. Murphy Robert P. Murphy
Austrian Economics, Monetary Policy, Banking Regulation
Benjamin Powell Benjamin Powell
Randy T Simmons Randy T Simmons
Environment, Water
S. Fred Singer S. Fred Singer
Environment, Science, Global Warming
Mary L. G. Theroux Mary L. G. Theroux
Education, Religion, Welfare
William Watkins Jr. William Watkins Jr.
Constitutional Law, Healthcare
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Commentary Articles
Can Donald Trump Cut a Deal with Democrats on Health Care? Maybe.
John C. Goodman | Mon, Oct. 16

No: Gun Control Laws Won’t Stop Las Vegas-type Massacres
Stephen P. Halbrook | Mon, Oct. 16

The Jones Act Must Be Repealed
William F. Shughart II | Fri, Oct. 13

Lawsuits Endanger Google, and by Extension Harm All of Us
William F. Shughart II | Fri, Oct. 13

National Defense Authorization Act Should Not Be Sacrosanct
Ivan Eland | Thu, Oct. 12

ANWR’s Oil Reserves Are Too Important to Keep in the Ground
William F. Shughart II | Thu, Oct. 12

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