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Lawmakers Should Stop Looking to the Energy Sector for More Federal Revenue
William F. Shughart II | August 24, 2017

Keep the Federal Government Out of School Choice
Neal McCluskey, Lindsey Burke, Vicki E. Alger | August 24, 2017

The Inconvenient Truth about Al Gore and the Climate ‘Experts’
Lawrence J. McQuillan | August 22, 2017

Congress Needs to Assert the War Power Against a Dangerous President
Ivan Eland | August 20, 2017

Predicting the Economic Future
Karl Marx’s Crackpot Predictions in a New Light

P. J. O’Rourke | August 17, 2017

Philly Moves the Goalposts on Soda Tax
Josh T. Smith, William F. Shughart II | August 16, 2017

How the Black Market Helped Me, and Others, Escape North Korea
Yeonmi Park | August 16, 2017

The Better Way Tax Plan
John C. Goodman, Laurence J. Kotlikoff | August 15, 2017

How Donald Trump Is Driving the Democrats Crazy
John C. Goodman | August 15, 2017

New Approaches Needed to End Campus Sexual Assault
Samuel R. Staley | August 14, 2017

We Have Lost the War in Afghanistan. We Should Get Out Now
Ivan Eland | August 14, 2017

States Should Follow Oregon’s Lead and Decriminalize Hard Drugs
Benjamin Powell | August 7, 2017

Too Important for Trump’s Generals
Ivan Eland | August 4, 2017

When Californians Led the Way on Campus Civil Rights
K. Lloyd Billingsley | August 4, 2017

Venezuelans Worldwide Vote Against Maduro’s Power Grab
Gabriel Gasave, Carl P. Close | August 2, 2017

What Paul Krugman Doesn’t Understand about Health Economics
John C. Goodman | July 31, 2017

The Beginning of the End for Maduro’s Venezuela?
Alvaro Vargas Llosa | July 31, 2017

If Republicans Could Get Past Their Obamacare Obsession, They Might Fix Health Care
John C. Goodman | July 28, 2017

Despite the Pall of Scandal, Some Incremental Progress during the Trump Administration
Ivan Eland | July 27, 2017

Why Republicans Can’t Pass a Health Care Bill
John C. Goodman | July 24, 2017

The Ban on Flavored Tobacco: San Francisco’s Nannies Are at It Again
William F. Shughart II, Josh T. Smith | July 24, 2017

Clean Coal Has Hit a Speedbump, but It Remains Essential
William F. Shughart II | July 21, 2017

Will Three Mile Island Closure End in a Meltdown for Pennsylvania’s Electricity Consumers?
William F. Shughart II | July 20, 2017

Can Ted Cruz Save Republican Health Reform?
John C. Goodman | July 19, 2017

The Presidency and Country Have Sunk to New Lows
Ivan Eland | July 17, 2017

‘Sgt. Pepper,’ the Creative Capitalist
Samuel R. Staley | July 14, 2017

Republicans Are in a Health Care Trap. Here’s What They Can Do about It
John C. Goodman | July 11, 2017

How to Make Health Insurance Affordable and Attractive: Lessons for the Senate
John C. Goodman | July 7, 2017

Trump’s Refreshingly Sound Infrastructure Plan Is Likely DOA
Samuel R. Staley | July 6, 2017

Remembering the Artistry of John Coltrane
K. Lloyd Billingsley | July 6, 2017

What about Trump’s Campaign Promise of ‘America First’?
Ivan Eland | July 6, 2017

The Emoluments of Sore Losers
William J. Watkins, Jr. | July 1, 2017

Potential Savings in the Defense Budget
Ivan Eland | July 1, 2017

What Democrats Can Teach Republicans about Health Reform
John C. Goodman | June 30, 2017

Two Free Speech Wins
Alvaro Vargas Llosa | June 28, 2017

Lessons from Georgia
John C. Goodman | June 27, 2017

Single-Payer Healthcare Is Far More Expensive Than Advocates Claim
Gary M. Galles | June 26, 2017

Summer of Love’s Hippies Had It Right about Big Government
Lawrence J. McQuillan | June 26, 2017

National Tax Reformers Should Look to Alaska for Landmines
William F. Shughart II | June 23, 2017

Why You Can’t Visit Your Doctor Virtually and Why That Might Finally Be Changing
John C. Goodman | June 22, 2017

Do Conservatives Really Want to Repeal Obamacare?
John C. Goodman | June 22, 2017

China’s Lessons for Economic Growth
Bradley M. Gardner | June 21, 2017

Death by Government Housing (Policy)
Mary L. G. Theroux | June 20, 2017

Does Nuclear Energy Have a Future in the United States?
William F. Shughart II | June 19, 2017

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